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Toblerone is not the name of a company. It is a chocolate bar produced in Switzerland, and its logo history is interesting. It is a good example of how a company’s roots can be incorporated into its mark.

Toblerone slogan
  • Make time for Toblerone.

  • Better than sex. It peaks 11 times.

  • Lose yourself in the Toblerone triangle.

Meaning and history

Toblerone Logo history

The logo history dates back to 1908. Chocolate bars with unusual triangular shape were created by Theodor Tobler and his cousin Emil Baumann in Switzerland. They developed a unique mixture of milk chocolate, almonds, nougat and honey and their distinctive Toblerone chocolate logo. The name of the bar is a blend word formed from the parts of “Tobler” and “Torrone” which in Italian means honey and almond nougat.

What is Toblerone?
Toblerone is the name of a chocolate brand, established in 1908 in Switzerland. The Toblerone chocolates are known for their pyramidal shape and are available in three options: white, milk, and dark chocolate. The products of the brand are being sold all over the globe.

toblerone chocolate logo

The Tobler Company used to be independent until 1970 when they joined efforts with the makers of Milka and formed Interfood. Now the Swiss brand including its Toblerone logo is owned by Mondelēz International Inc., a confectionery company from the USA.


tobleron symbol

The Toblerone logo meaning is not caught at a glance. The logo consists of a picture of a mountain that echoes the shape of the chocolate bar and the word “Toblerone”. The mountain is believed to be the Matterhorn which is in the Swiss Alps. When people buy a Toblerone bar and see the mountain icon on the packaging, they are unlikely to have a good look at it. But if they did, they would notice a white bear in the mountain which is usually taken for snow.

Tobler incorporated it in the logo because Bern, the Swiss capital where the bar was created, is called the “City of Bears” and its symbol is a bear featured on the coat of arms of the city. Evidently, the Toblerone logo meaning pays tribute to the birthplace of the popular nutty treat.

The bear in the Toblerone logo is standing up on its hind legs and takes up nearly the whole mountain. It is enough to spot it once, and then you always see it.

Colors and Font

toblerone emblem

The color palette of the Toblerone chocolate logo is made up of gold (pantone 873 C), white, red (pantone 485 C) and blue (pantone 2758 C). The typeface for the lettering “Toblerone” is Meta Plus Bold Caps in red with a gold and blue outline.