Most Famous Logos With a Flame

Most Famous Logos With a Flame

Flame is often associated with passion and love, attraction and power. But it also has a darker meaning — destruction, and punishment. Thus, it is very important to find the proper style, decorations, and shades for the flame to shine at its best, representing a brand, as a part of its logo.

Despite this small difficulty, Flame and Fire can be seen on the emblems quite often, in different sizes, shapes, colors, and compositions. Many companies choose to show their powerful side first, and a flame image depicts it better than anything else. To represent caress and love flame is also a good option, which is why it is also widely used by health-related organizations.

In our today’s review, we will have a closer look at the most famous logos with an image of a flame in them. All brands are set in alphabetical order.


Logo Agip

Agip is a European company, engaged in the production of gasoline, oil, and lubricants. Connected to the energy sector, the company has its logo executed in a very intense and bright color palette, consisting of yellow, red, and black. The red flame on this logo comes out of the mouth of a black wolf, drawn in a stylized way with the contour embellished by sharp short triangles. The animal is drawn in the upper part of the yellow badge; with the enlarged lowercase “Eni” lettering contoured in black at the bottom.

American Heart Association

Logo American Heart Association

American Heart Association is an organization, which helps people with various heart conditions. Of course, the main graphical element on its badge is a heart, but the solid red heart, drawn on the left side of the banner is crossed by a vertically oriented torch with an elegant flame above it. The flame is waving to the right with smooth contours and sharpened ends of the curved tails. The emblem is accompanied by two-leveled lettering in black, which adds a professional touch to a very loving, warm, and caring graphical composition.

Better Business Bureau

Logo Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization in North America, which helps in business accreditation and dispute resolutions. The Bureau has its logo set in a blue and white color palette, which is not the most common combination of shades for the flame depiction. However, the main graphical element in this badge is the stylized abstract flame, formed by two segments, and drawn above a minimalistic torch, placed over a bold sans-serif lettering in the same shade of blue.


Logo Burn

Burn is a brand of an energetic beverage, which has a flame not only in its name but also in its logo. The badge of the brand is composed of two parts: a black-and-white minimalistic insignia with a sans-serif lowercase lettering accompanied by a solid black roundel with a stylized white flame on it, and a colorful gradient flame image, vertically stretched above it. The red, orange, yellow and white drawing looks dry amid and powerful brilliantly reflecting the purpose of the drink.

Calgary Flames

Logo Calgary Flames

Calgary Flames is the name of a professional hockey club from Canada, which has a very powerful and aggressive visual identity, executed in a red and yellow color palette. The logo of the club features an enlarged stylized letter “C” in sans-serif, with the left part stretched and decorated by smooth sharpened flame tongues, outlined in orange. The emblem has no additional text or framing, being placed on a transparent background and looking powerful and stable as it is.


Logo CFP

CFP is an abbreviation standing for the Certified Financial Planner, an American certification for professional planners. The organization has its visual identity executed in blue and white, with black lettering, which looks professional and stable, evoking a sense of reliability and expertise. The emblem features a solid blue half-circle with a white stylized image of a torch with an enlarged flame( formed by three smooth diagonal lines. The black serif lettering ground the emblem, adding stability and power to it.

Demon Slayer

Logo Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer, a famous Japanese manga franchise, has a different type of flame depiction in its badge. The fire here is more abstract, used for the framing of the circular badge, drawn in a thick red line with uneven contours. There are no obvious visible flame tongues or gradients, just the overall feeling of strength and danger, and one shade of red, scarlet, intense, The red framing of the logo is accompanied by a man’s internal black line and stylized black lettering set in a designer serif font.


Logo DepED

DepED, or Department of Education, a governmental structure from the Philippines, has a flame symbol partially inscribed into the logotype. The blue torch replaces the letter “P” in the inscription and is accompanied by a red and orange flame, drawn above it. This torch separates the blue title case part of the wordmark from the red uppercase one, becoming a central line of the badge, symbolizing strength and passion for knowledge.


Logo Doritos

Doritos, one of the world’s most famous brands of nachos chips, has flame as an outlining motive for the triangular element in the center of the badge. The figure, standing for chips, is drawn in solid black and features a double outline — black and gradient orange, flame-like. The emblem is intertwined with the bold white title case lettering in a modern custom sans-serif typeface, with the fire-frame coming through two letters “O” of the wordmark.

Empire 8

Logo Empire 8

Empire 8 is the name of an American intercollegiate athletic conference, which is affiliated with the third division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The emblem of the organization is composed of voluminous arched lettering in blue, with the letter “I” replaced by a silver torch with an orange and yellow flame on it. The torch is drawn in a classic old-style manner, suitable for the “empire” era, looking cold and solid, with the tiny light flame trying to warm up the whole composition, and add energy and passion to it.


Logo Fireball

Fireball is a brand of cinnamon whiskey, which has a very warm and interesting flavor. This unique taste is reflected in the logo of the brand, with a red mythological creature drawn in many flame tongues, with the fire coming out of its mouth. The image is set on a vertically-oriented rectangular poster with burnt edges. Everything in this badge evokes a sense of heat, fire, and passion, from the color palette to flames and the contours of the banner.

Florida Fire Frogs

Logo Florida Fire Frogs

A professional baseball club from Florida, Florida Fire Frogs, has a bright and memorable logo with a red and orange frog drawn above a voluminous gradient lettering in the uppercase of a classy serif font. The frog has its yellow tongue stuck out and curved around the baseball, placed above the head of the creature, surrounded by red and yellow flames. The animal looks very aggressive and strong, with its eyes drawn in yellow and black, evoking a sense of determination.

Fort Wayne Komets

Logo Fort Wayne Komets

Fort Wayne Komets is the name of a professional hockey club from Ai Diana, which has a stylized flame in its logo. The flame here is more like a hint, covered in the color and shape of the main element of the badge — a sharp roundel with cutting triangular parts. It is set in dark orange, with a double black and white outline, and crossed by a diagonally-set title case lettering in a bold serif typeface, with the solid black letters outlined in white and black and shadowed, which makes the whole badge look strong and confident.

Hot Wheels

Logo Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is the name of a popular franchise known for its cartoons and toys. The flame on the logo of the brand is stylized as a banner, where the bold custom lettering is written. The horizontally stretched ribbon is waving to the left, with the forked tail looking like two flame tongues. As for the lettering, it is set in an extra-bold designer font in dark yellow color, which only elevated the feeling of gray and fire, evoked by the composition, and supports the name of the toy brand.

Illinois-Chicago Flames

Logo Illinois-Chicago Flames

A collegiate basketball club from the University of Illinois in Chicago has a cool and modern visual identity with its badge decorated by white, yellow, and burgundy flames the image is drawn over a solid black banner with rounded angles and accompanied by diagonally-located lettering in a double white and burgundy outline, with the uppercase geometric “Flames” set under it in a dark shade of red. The badge looks powerful and professional, brilliantly reflecting the character of the club.

Juice WRLD

Logo Juice WRLD

The visual identity of Juice WRLD, a famous American rap musician, is bright, playful, and dynamic, and has a flame motif as the main element of the badge. The name of the musician is written in a massive hand-drawn typeface in gradient orange, across a horizontally-stretched banner with rounded sides and the upper border stylized as numerous flame tongues. The banner is executed in red-to-pink gradients, which become more purple from the center to the sides. The logo looks super cool and progressive, hard to confuse with anything else.

Miami Heat

Logo Miami Heat

Miami Heat is a professional basketball club from Florida, which has a logo that reflects the name and character of the team. The badge depicts a stylized basketball in a dark burgundy shade with the upper part stylized as an orange flame. The ball is flying through the white basketball ring in a black outline. There is nothing else on this badge, not even the name of the club, which makes the whole concept more interesting and unique.

Mortal Combat

Logo Mortal Kombat

The visual identity of Mortal Combat contains a flame image as a background of its iconic logo. You do not see the flame contours or tongues, just the yellow-to-red gradient of the bright roundel with the thick black outline and a black contour of a drawing drawn on it. Although, the elongated tongue of the dragon resembles a flame with its curved forked end, drawn in black, and touching the circular frame of the badge in the bottom right part of the logo.

Mozilla Firefox

Logo Mozilla Firefox

A popular browser, Mozilla Firefox, has a very bright and energetic logo, which looks very tender at the same time. The stylized gradient orange Fox is its tail drawn like a flame is spooning a light-purple sphere of a moon. Both elements are set in smooth bright gradients, which add volume to the composition and make the surface of the emblem look almost transparent. The fire here is warm and kind, more about love and caress than power and determination.

Ohio Valley Conference

Logo Ohio Valley Conference

The flame on the Ohio Valley Conference logo is inscribed into the main part of the lettering on the badge, the “OVC” abbreviation. It is drawn above the letter “V”, which becomes a stylized torch. The white badge is set in a calm red and gold color palette with black and white accents for framing and lettering. Overall the composition looks very warm and energetic, evoking a sense of motion and strength, and reflecting the purpose of the organization.

Phantom Thieves of Hearts

Logo Phantom Thieves of Hearts

The visual identity of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, a team from manga comics, is set in black and red, a color palette, most associated with fire. The badge is composed of an image of a cylinder hat, complemented by a white flame image, set over a solid red background. The badge looks very bright and strong, showing uniqueness, determination, and edginess, without any additional lettering or framing. Powerful as it is.


Logo RuneScape

RuneScape, a popular MMO video game, has a pretty standard logo for the gaming industry. The badge is composed of stylized voluminous lettering in a cold gray shade, with the vertical bar of the “R” stylized as a sword, and its diagonal bar elongated and curved, turning into a fire ribbon, waving around the “Scape” part of the lettering, with the arrowhead at the end of the line, pointing to the bottom line of the letter “A”. The badge looks pretty simple, yet strong and brutal.


Logo Santander

One of the most reputable financial organizations in Spain and Europe, Santander, has its visual identity executed in a red and white color palette, with the abstract geometric emblem, depicting a flame, coming out of a solid red horizontally-oriented oval. The emblem is accompanied by a modern and stylish title case logotype in red sans-serif characters, with clean contours of the glyphs and a perfect balance in size and spacing.


Logo Spitfire

Spitfire is a brand with a cool and playful visual identity, based on a caricaturish face in the shape of flame; with a wide white smile and massive triangular teeth. The face looks pretty intimidating and aggressive; with the eyes having heavy black eyebrows, and the smile not being friendly at all. The whole face is set in dark red; with a bold black outline, and the hair is stylized as four triangular flame tongues, in different sizes and lengths.


Logo Springfield

The logo of Springfield Armory looks old-school yet strong and masculine. Two crossed cannons, enclosed into a circular frame and accompanied by a white and black dome on top, look very stable and professional. The name of the company and the datemark are written around the perimeter of the circular frame, adding confidence and distinction to the brutal badge. The flame here only elevated the purpose and essence of the company.

Tennessee Titans

Logo Tennessee Titans

The visual identity of the Tennessee Titans, a professional football club in the United States, is very stylish and progressive. The dark blue roundel in a voluminous silver frame with the stylized sharp “T”, supporting the color of the framing, and three solid five-pointed stars, is decorated by an elongated waving flame, drawn on the left from the roundel in two shades of blue and red. The badge looks intense, strong, and very modern, perfectly reflecting the approach of the club.


Logo Thrasher

The logo of Thrasher magazine is bright and pretty amateurish. Set in a yellow and red color palette, the badge is formed by two lines of lettering: a stylized “Thrasher” in massive capitals, arched above a lightweight red “Magazine”, in italicized sans-serif, with the characters connected by thin horizontal lines at the bottom. The flames here can be seen on top of each letter of the “Thrasher” wordmark, stretched up, and outlined in red.


Logo Tinder

One of the most famous logos with a fire image is, definitely, the Tinder badge. The modern and stylish logo is set in a minimalistic style, with the bold lowercase logotype in a sans-serif typeface, set in black on the right from a stylized gradient orange emblem in a shape of a rounded flame. The fire here has some orange hues at its upper right part, which make it look like candy, and adds playfulness to the whole composition. The Tinder fire is all about passion and love.

UAB Blazers

Logo UAB Blazers

UAB Blazers is the athletic program of the University of Alabama, which has a cool strong logo with a dragon. The green and black draw go has a huge flame in red and yellow coming out of its mouth, and the shades of the dome are supported by the yellow hue of the dragon’s eye, which only elevates the feeling of danger and aggressiveness, showing the teams of the program as powerful competitors, willing to fight and win.

US Open

Logo US Open

US Open is one of the world’s most reputable tennis championships, which takes place in the United States. The badge of the tournament is composed of italicized lowercase lettering in blue, following the yellow stylized emblem, which looks like a flying tennis ball turning into an abstract flame. The emblem is formed by three horizontal elements with the tails pointing to the left, and arching to the right. The logo looks bright and evokes a sense of motion and dynamics.


Logo Zippo

Another well-known brand with the fire on its logo is Zippo, an internationally famous manufacturer of lighters. The red flame in the Zippo logo replaced the dot above the bold black lowercase “I”, coming out of the background and elongated to the right tail of the “Z”. The badge looks very stable and minimalistic, brilliantly reflecting the purpose of the brand and its unique style. The Zippo logo is one of the most instantly recognizable badges with a flame ever designed.