Agip Logo

Agip Logo

Agip is a commercial brand of the Italian group Eni S.p.A., one of the largest oil enterprises in the world. Initially, it was the Agip Company founded by the Italian government in 1926. Some 30 years later, in 1953 the firm was merged with several other state-owned oil companies and named Eni. The group enjoyed a period of intensive development, working effectively with partners in many countries of Africa and the Middle East.  In 1992, the state-owned Eni was transformed into a joint-stock company that received the name Eni S.p.A. By 2016, the group’s year turnover reached a level of about 55 billion euros.

The logo, its meaning, and history

Agip Logo history

The Agip logo is one most famous and most recognizable in the world. It consists of an emblem and the brand name “Agip” written under it. The wordmark “Agip” is an abbreviation meaning “Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli” (Italian Petrol General Company). The font of the wordmark “Agip” is the classical Standard Bold with a white line parting the letters vertically.

The emblem appeared in September 1952 as a result of a competition that had been held the same year for the best Agip logo design. The author was an Italian sculptor Luigi Broggini.  He selected for the oil enterprise a six-legged dog with red flame leaping from its mouth. It is widely recognized that the main meaning of this logo is the “energy” related to the two basic Agip products: oil and natural gas.

Nevertheless, in 1952 it was the general opinion that the image of a six-legged dog symbolized power, energy, and optimism so needed in a country that had just recovered from the devastating world war and was vigorously rebuilding its economy. Today the six-legged dog symbolizes courage, enthusiasm, and innovation. It illustrates the company’s policy evolving its adherence to technological innovation and progress, its strive for integrity, human dignity and environmental protection.

Logo Agip

The main idea of the logo has never been changed since its creation in 1952. There were just minor style modifications introduced in 1972, 1992 and 2010 in order to make the logo universal. The dog has become more “friendly”; the spikes on its back were smoothed so that it would not look so much like a Chimera or a dragon. Besides, the eyes have become wider and more round. The background square got rounded corners. The font, which had been very narrow and condensed, was changed for the present one to make the wordmark readable from a distance.

The colour palette of the logo is carefully selected to make Eni gas stations easily recognizable. The six-legged dog is made in black on a bumblebee yellow background with scarlet red flames leaping from its mouth.