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The logo of the United States Open Tennis Championships has been updated only once since it was introduced more than twenty years ago. While the core visual metaphor has remained unchanged, the way it is represented has changed dramatically.

Meaning and history

US Open Logo history

The United States Open Tennis Championships is the modern version of the U.S. National Championship, which was first played in 1881.

What is US Open?
US Open is the name of the most prestigious tennis championship in the United States, a successor of the U.S. National Championship, established at the beginning of the 1880s. The US Open is the second oldest Grand Slam tennis tournament.

1997 – 2018

US Open Logo-1997

Both the original US Open logo and the current one feature gold flaming ball in flight. In the earliest version, you could clearly see the ball and the white seams on it. Behind it, there were the flames. There was also a red curve, which apparently represented the orbit of the ball. While the most immediate assumption would be that it was the trace the ball had left, the direction of the flame implied this was not the case.

Inside the orbit, the lettering “US OPEN” was placed. The design forces behind the brand opted for a classic serif type. While it looked pretty elegant and even had a distinctive “P,” there was hardly anything sporty about it.

2018 – Today

US Open Logo
The update resulted in a more minimalistic, cleaner, and easier to reproduce design. The swoosh disappeared altogether, which was only for the better, taking into consideration the way it had been positioned in the previous design. The ball and the flames were depicted with the help of three abstract yellow shapes.

US OPEN Emblem

The words “US OPEN” in a simple sans can be seen below. This time, the type is more dynamic. In fact, the overall impression of the US Open logo is also more intense, there is more speed than in the previous one.

Font and Color

The friendly lowercase lettering from the primary badge of the US Open tournament is set in a bold italicized sans-serif typeface; which looks very solid and dynamic. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Myriad Bold Italic and Akashi Pro ExtraBold Italic, with the clean contours and thick sleek lines of the letters.

As for the color palette of the US Open visual identity, it is based on the combination of blue and yellow, a professional scheme, which stands for confidence, motion, energy, and progress. The dark lettering balances the brightness of a minimalistic stylized emblem, creating a perfectly harmonious look of the badge.

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