Zippo Logo

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Zippo Logo
Zippo is an iconic American label of lighters manufacturer, which was founded in 1932 by George Blaisdell. Today it is the most popular name of lighters across the globe, in which visual identity is instantly recognizable.

Meaning and history

The first Zippo lighter was manufactured in early 1933, while Zippo Manufacturing Company was founded a bit earlier, in 1932.
The original Zippo logo had a totally austere style. To begin with, there was nothing but the name of the brand. The letters were truly minimalist: classic proportions, no serifs or decorative details. Simple as it was, this wordmark did its job perfectly – due to the plain shape it was highly legible and easy to reproduce on various surfaces.
Zippo Emblem


The design forces behind the brand decided to add a creative touch. This time, the letters looked as if they had been written by hand in a casual, relaxed style. The most casual letter was probably the initial “z” with its unnecessary stroke at the top.


Zippo Logo
This is when the current logo with its iconic flame was born. The second letter, the “i,” represents a zippo lighter. In addition to having the shape of the lighter, it is topped with a flame, which reinforces the similarity.
While the letters feature a customized style, they are better legible than those on the previous Zippo logo. They also seem calmer and heavier.