Zippo Logo

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Zippo Logo
Zippo is an iconic American label of lighters manufacturer, which was founded in 1932 by George Blaisdell. Today it is the most popular name of lighters across the globe, in which visual identity is instantly recognizable.

Meaning and history

The company was named by its founder, who liked how the word “zipper” sounds and made up a new word “zippo”. Today the name is synonymous to lighters.
The Zippo visual identity is composed of a custom typeface of the wordmark with a flame emblem replacing the dot above the letter “I”.
The first Zippo logo was designed in 1933 and stayed with the brand for more than twenty years. It was a simple wordmark in fine lines of a sans-serif font executed in black and using only capital letters.
Logo Zippo

In 1955 the logo was redesigned by using a more modern hand-written typeface with curved lines of the letter “Z”. The color palette remained monochrome.
The current famous logo was born in 1980. Today the brand is impossible to imagine without its red flame emblem, as well as opened letters “P” and “O” touching the last “P”.
The classic black of the wordmark, celebrating the brand’s influence and power, is perfectly balanced with warm and passionate red.
It is an iconic logo, which is simple and minimalist, yet perfectly representing the legendary Zippo brand.