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RuneScape is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game created and released by Jagex. The RuneScape logo has gone through five notable updates. Although they brought about dramatic alterations, one thing has remained consistent – a sword, which has been present on the logo since 2001.

Meaning and history

RuneScape Logo history

When Andrew Gower started working on the project in the late 1990s, he was going to make it a text-based MUD (a multiplayer real-time virtual world). However, pretty soon, he began to include graphics, which brought the game to the world of the so-called graphical MUDs.


RuneScape Logo 1998

In early 2001, a beta version was released. The game was originally called DeviousMUD – the name that was reflected in the earliest logo. We should mention, though, that the word “logo” is used with caution here as the design didn’t look like a real logotype.
You could see a double-line wordmark. The first line featured the lettering “DeviousMUD” in red. The original name was set in a simple sans serif type, which looked like a default font.
Below, there were the words “By Andrew Gower,” which also featured a “default” type. The letters were smaller and colored in a less eye-catching color, orange.


Runescape Logo 2001

At this point, the game already had its current name.
On the logo, each of the glyphs of the word “RuneScape” was written over a silvery shape. The silver color, the gradient, and the darker border made the shapes look like drops of molten metal, which echoed the “fighting” spirit of the game.
The two parts of the word were placed into two lines with a sword in between. The sword was of the silver color with a golden handle and a green “stone” incorporated into the handle.


Runescape Logo 2008

This time, the letters were written over pieces of stone looking as if they had been taken out of the wall of a medieval castle. The “molten metal” theme from the previous RuneScape logo was preserved – you could see that now the letters seem to have been written by molten metal. In contrast to the old version, it had a subtle golden hue.
Both the parts of the game’s name are now positioned within a single line. They are separated from each other with a shorter sword.


RuneScape Logo 2011

There was more depth to the wordmark now, and it looked simpler. The “stones” or “metal drops” were gone. The glyphs looked as if they had been made out of metal but there was no more molten effect. Instead, the letters had a refined shape. The shades and highlights created a realistic impression.
The sword was still there. Now, it was placed behind the “S,” and thus much better merged into the design.


RuneScape logo

Once again, we can see “metal” letters. On the one hand, they don’t look completely “molten,” like on the 2008 logo. On the other hand, they aren’t as refined and sharp as on the 2011 logo.
The glyphs have a light silver shade. The “R” has an extended end, which forms an attractive curve going around the wordmark. While the beginning of the curve is silvery, it then adopts a fire pattern.
The sword is now incorporated in the letter “R” forming its vertical line.
The alternate logo showcases the glyphs of a somewhat different shape. For instance, the lower end of the “S” is rounded, while the end of the “p” is longer. There is no sword here, while the end of the “R” is shorter. There is a “fiery” number “3” to the left.


Over the history of the logo, the palette has shifted from silvery to old gold and bronze before it returned to a nobler silver shade.


The RuneScape logo features a customized type inspired by the graphic universe of the game.