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Phantom Thieves of Hearts is the name of a group of characters from the Persona 5 video game, which was introduced in 2016 by Shoji Meguro. The main idea of the group is to track the hearts of those, who break the law or just don’t follow the rules.

Meaning and history

Phantom Thieves of Hearts is a group of people who fight evil and injustice. In the story of Persona 5, the positive characters unite to fight evil and act in secret in the Metaworld, stealing the hearts of the villains, and making them repent.

Phantom Thieves of Hearts consists of twelve characters, including the leader, whose name is Joker. Each member of the team has its own story and distinctive features, they all wear costumes and masks, and do not call each other by their real names, but use pseudonyms. All of these characters have only one thing in common: the fight for justice.

Despite the difference in looks, costumes, and personal traits, they have one thing in common: a black hat. And that hat is a key element of the group’s visual identity.

What are Phantom Thieves of Hearts?
Phantom Thieves of Hearts is the name of the team which fights injustice and evil and steals the hearts of “bad” characters. The team is a part of the Persona 5 video game, and RPG, created by Shoji Meguro in 2016. The game is the part of Megami Tensei franchise.

As for the visual identity, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts group uses a dark and dramatic emblem with the Black Hat as the central element of the composition. There are three possible options for the background for the logo: white, red, or black. And these three colors are also used for all the elements of the badge.

2016 – Today

Phantom Thieves of Hearts Logo

The Phantom Thieves of Hearts logo was designed by Shigenori Soejima, who obviously was the best candidate for this. So the badge he introduced in 2016 is a perfect representation of the passion and power of the team and their dedication.

The centerpiece of the red, black, and white emblem is a tall black hat with a curved brim, which magicians wear for their tricks. In a way, all members of Phantom Thieves of Hearts are also magicians.

At the bottom of a black cylinder hat, there is a red heart-shaped leaf shrouded in white flames. The two upper two segments are rounded and curved, looking like the horns of Satan.

As for the lettering, which is sometimes used along with the graphical emblem, it is executed in a bold custom sans-serif typeface with the letters jumping above the line. Three letters of the wordmark, “E”, “U” and “H”, are set on solid black squares and written in thin red lines.

The original colors refer to the classic scheme: red and black. It is a passionate fatal color scheme, which evokes a sense of high tension and emotionality.

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