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The DepED logo is based on one of the most universally recognized symbols of knowledge and the relationship between the tutor and student.

Meaning and history

DepED Logo

The Department of Education (Philippines) is one of the major parts of the Philippine government system. As the institution’s name suggests, its aim is to operate the country’s system of basic education. It is headed by the Secretary of Education, who is chosen by the President and approved by the Commission on Appointments.

The history of the Department can be traced back to the early Spanish period. At the time, the educational process was primarily religion-oriented. The Educational Decree of 1863 stated that the so-called Superior Commission of Primary Instruction should be founded. This organization is now considered the DepED’s earliest predecessor.

The further evolution of the country’s educational system was closely connected with the establishment of Aguinaldo’s Republic followed by American rule. In 1916, the Department of Public Instruction was reorganized. From now on, it was to be led by a Secretary.

During World War II, the department was broken into two ministries. In 1945, the organization adopted a new name of the Department of Instruction, and in two years it was renamed Department of Education. However, that wasn’t the last time the organization changed its name: it also happened in 1972, 1978, and 1982. Eventually, in 2001, the old name was replaced by the current one, Department of Education (DepEd).

What is DepED?
DepED is an acronym for the Department of Education, a governmental program from the Philippines, which was established in the middle of the 19th century as the Superior Commission of Primary Instruction. The organization is specialized in curating all the educational programs in the country.


DepED symbol

The DepED logo can be broken into three parts. The left part of the larger lettering “DepED” is given in dark blue. Its highlight is the unique “P” stylized as a burning torch, which is used as a symbol of education. Knowledge and wisdom are passed on from the teacher to student in the same way as the flame from one torch starts the flame on another torch.

The lettering “ED” is given in red. The fact that the organization’s name features two different colors and that the “ED” is capitalized makes it easier to understand that it is an abbreviation. The meaning of the abbreviation is given in smaller letters below.

Seal emblem

DepED emblem

While the institution’s seal isn’t exactly a logo, it’s still a vital part of its brand identity and, therefore, deserves to be discussed. While the seal is based on the same visual metaphor as the primary logo, it’s more elaborate and has a larger number of details.

While it also features blue and red, the shapes are different, more saturated and calm than on the main emblem. Also, gold and silver are added to the palette.

Once again, the centerpiece of the design is a burning torch. It’s placed over a stylized map of Philippines. The torch spreads yellow rays symbolizing the power of education and knowledge. The map is housed inside a shield with a dark blue filling. Above the shield, an open book with two mythological creatures is depicted. The design is encircled by the lettering in dark blue: “Kagawaran NG Educasyon” (in larger letters) and “Republika NG Pilipinas” (in smaller letters).



Although the two “D’s” of the “DepED” lettering are the same, it still seems that this part of the logo is a custom artwork rather than a combination of glyphs borrowed from an already existing typeface.

The signature “D’s” stand out due to the white gap in their top parts. It adds some dynamism to the design and gives the impression as if it was drawn by hand. It feels like you can guess at what point the artist who drew the letter started and at what point he ended the glyph. The “handwriting” effect is emphasized by the modified proportions of the “D,” its upper half being a bit heavier than the rest. While the lowercase “e” seems to support this effect, the capital “E” has a somewhat different style, with its sharpened angles.

As for the font featured on the lettering “Department of Education,” it’s a simpler option with classic proportions. The serifs and the overall shape of the letters create an impression of traditionalism and seriousness, which seems particularly well fitted for a governmental body dealing with education. Many universities and government institutions globally opt for similar typefaces for their logos.


Department of Education (Philippines) logo

The palette includes only three colors: red and blue on the white background. The red is very bright and eye-catching. It’s pretty close to classic red, but maybe just a tad darker. By contrast, the shade of blue featured on the DepED logo is rather muted, at least in comparison with the vividness of the red.

Red seems the perfect fit for the torch design as it’s the color of fire. Blue, in its turn, has been long known as the color symbolizing mental processes, thinking, so it also goes well with the educational theme.

What is the official logo of DepEd?
The official logo of the Department of Education of the Philippines depicts heavy stylized lettering in an extra-bold sans-serif typeface, with the vertical bar of the lowercase letter “P” replaced by a blue torch with a red flame coming out of it. The first part of the inscription is set in blue, with the “ED” executed in intense red.

What does the school logo mean?
The school logo usually represents the historical roots of the educational organization, depicting its founder or the original building in which it was located. Also, almost all of the school badges contain one of the symbols, most commonly associated with knowledge and education — a book, a Sun, or a flame.

Where do I put my DepEd logo?
If you need in using the DepED logo on your website, or any other material, you will have to get permission from the Department of Education of the Philippines, which might sound too complicated, but you may only need to use it if your activity is connected to education, and DepED is open to collaborations.

What is the meaning of the torch in the DepEd logo?
The blue torch with red flame, which replaced the vertical bar of the letter “P” in the primary badge of DepED, stands for knowledge and development. Torch is one of the most commonly used symbols of education, as it represents passion and willingness in getting new knowledge.

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