Mozilla Firefox Logo

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Mozilla Firefox Logo
While the Firefox new logo is simpler than its predecessors, it’s still rather consistent in its core imagery.

Meaning and history

Mozilla Firefox Logo history

The story of the original Firefox logo, similar to the story of the original releases, wasn’t a story of success. The first release named Phoenix adopted an emblem depicting this mythological bird. Colored red and orange, the Phoenix was surrounded by flames of fire.
Although the design was quite appealing, it wasn’t on the same level as that of other well-known software packages. Moreover, the company soon found out that there already existed a successful commercial project using the trademarked name “Phoenix.” As a result, the company chose another name, Firebird – only to discover that it also belonged to another project. Again, they tried to resolve the issue by changing their official name, this time for Mozilla Firebird. And yet, this move didn’t help to get rid of the legal problems.
Probably the only decision possible was to find a new name and create a new logo, which was exactly what Mozilla did.

Old logo

Old Mozilla Firefox Logo
The person who became the top of the company’s visual identity team was interface designer Steven Garrity. Shortly before that, he published his critical review of the previous Firefox symbol, where he explained its every element he didn’t like.
In early 2004, a new version of the software was released, along with a new visual identity. The new icon was crafted by a group of web professionals called Silverorange. The final version was made by English designer Jon Hicks known as the author of the Camino website. His icon was based on sketches made by his predecessors.
Throughout the following years, the Mozilla Firefox logo history was enriched with several new versions. The logo has been updated more than once. In many cases, the reasons for modifications were the flaws discovered when the logo was enlarged.


symbol Mozilla Firefox
While the animal seen on the icon is undoubtedly a fox, in fact, the word “firefox” actually refers to the red panda. Why isn’t then a red panda featured on the logo? As Hicks explained, very few people know that a “firefox” means a panda.

The 2017 emblem

emblem Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla new logo seems to be simpler than its predecessors. Unlike previous versions, the blue part is almost flat, although there’s a subtle gradient.


The type used for both the words “Mozilla” and “Firefox” in the previous version of the logo is called FF Meta Bold Roman. The font was developed by Erik Spiekermann.


Color Mozilla Firefox Logo
Optimistic and eye-catching, the combination of blue and orange seems quite natural, in this case. Orange is the color of the fox’s fir, while blue creates an appealing contrast to it.