Santander Logo

Santander Logo

The Santander Group names internationality, leadership, and strength among its core values. Therefore, the Santander logo is supposed to represent these values, as well as provide a unique international positioning.

Meaning and history Santander Logo

Sovereign Bank logo history

The history of the Santander Bank started in 1902 in Pennsylvania. It was known as the Sovereign Bank until 2013, when the company adopted its current name. Today the bank, which belongs to the Spanish Santander Group, boasts almost $54.7 billion in deposits and over 600 retail banking offices, while the number of employees reaches 10,000 people.

Flame symbol Santander

Santander Bank simbol

The emblem itself is based on a stylized flame. It goes up out of a white oval. This symbol is used for two reasons. First, it resembles the letter “S”, which is the first letter in the name of the company. Also, it is supposed to convey some of the concepts that are important for the Santander. The official brand guide states that the flame is used as the symbol of triumph, leadership, and dynamism.

Wordmark emblem Santander

Santander emblem

The wordmark is placed next to the symbol (on the right), the first letter being slightly shorter than the flame. “S” is the only capital letter, all the others are lowercase. The combination of the wordmark and the flame is put inside a red rectangular shape.

Font of the Santander Logo

Font Santander Logo

The type featured on the Santander logo resembles Berstrom DT Bold. It can be described as a French Oldstyle serif font. Its author is Malcolm Wooden.

Color of the Santander Logo

Color Santander Logo

Red has been chosen as the dominant color because it symbolizes such values as strength, energy, and determination. The secondary color is white.

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