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The Ohio Valley Conference (OVC) is an NCAA-affiliated Division I collegiate athletic conference. Its members are located in the Midwestern and Southeastern United States.

Meaning and history

Ohio Valley Conference logo

The Ohio Valley Conference logo has remained unchanged for at least the last two decades. At the center, there is the abbreviation “OVC” in white letters with red and brown highlights. There is a flame over the “V,” and because of it, we can say it is not just a letter but also a symbolic representation of the torch, one of the oldest athletic symbols.

The abbreviation is placed inside a maroon ellipse. The lettering “Ohio Valley Conference” is housed inside the black border of the ellipse.

What is Ohio Valley Conference?
The Ohio Valley Conference is not a company but rather a collegiate athletic conference in the United States. It consists of member universities and colleges that compete in various sports at the NCAA Division I level.