Fort Wayne Komets Logo

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Fort Wayne Komets Logo

The history of the Fort Wayne Komets started in 1952 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Since then there have been two franchises with the same name. The first franchise stayed in Fort Wayne till 1990 when they were relocated to Albany, New York to become the Albany Choppers.

Their place in Fort Wayne was taken by the Flint Spirits who had already had a five-year history as an ice hockey team. Having moved to Fort Wayne, they inherited the “K’s” name and history.

Logo Meaning and Colors

Fort Wayne Komets logo history

The current Komets logo incorporates only three colors (orange, black and white) and is simple and elegant. This fact proves that a logo does not need to have many details to look cool. The logo consists of just two elements. The first one is the name “Komets” in large black letters with white and black outlining. Each next letter is smaller than the previous one.

The second one is a background element. Some fans are skeptical about it. They say the image doesn’t look like an actual comet. But it is a fireball which is to some extent relevant to the name of the team.

Fort Wayne Komets emblem

People also wonder why the team name is spelled with the letter “K”. It was the first owner’s idea. His wife spelled her name Catherine with the letter “K”, so he did it after her.