Doritos Logo

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Doritos Logo
Doritos is a brand of tortilla-chips, manufactured by Frito-Lay. The label was introduced in 1964 and by 1972 it had several variations of taste. Frito-Lay is a good-production subsidiary of PepsiCo.

Meaning and history

Doritos Logo history

The Doritos visual identity history was very colorful. In 1964 the brand created its first logo, which was composed of six squares in yellow and orange colors. Each of the squares contained one letter of the nameplate. In 1973 and 1979 only the color palette was changed, due to the launching of new Dorito tastes.
The signature triangle above the letter “I” first appears in 1985 and in 1994 the logo gets a triangular symbol on its background, it is composed of a solid yellow geometric shape and a thick red overlapping triangle contour.
The geometry of the Doritos visual identity is a celebration of the famous tortilla-chips shape.
In 200 the Doritos triangle becomes bigger and the lettering is now executed in white with the red outline.
Doritos Logo
The current Doritos logo, designed in 2013, keeps the white palette of the nameplate, but now it has a double black and red outline. The smooth sans-serif typeface is balanced by a sharp triangle, replacing the dot above the “I”. The orange and red triangle of the emblem resembles a flame and looks strong and modern on a black background.