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Mortal Kombat is a famous video game series, which was released in 1992 by the American company Midway Games. The brand is known all over the world due to numerous franchises — in cinematography and comic books.

Meaning and history

Mortal Kombat logo

The Mortal Kombat logo is one of the most recognizable examples of video-games visual identity designs. Once created, it has never been changed — only contours and color scheme were slightly modified throughout the years.

The Mortal Kombat emblem is the most memorable part of the game’s visual identity. The lettering is usually used on the covers and posters, but the symbol is a real game’s signifier, the first thing, associated with Mortal Kombat.

The Mortal Kombat emblem is a dragon’s head, enclosed in a circular frame with a thick outline. The dragon is facing right and has a curved, flame-like tongue, coming out of his mouth.

The Mortal Kombat dragon represents the Elder Gods and shows the idea of the game perfectly.

The most common color palette of the Mortal Kombat logo is black and gradient or-ange, which symbolizes fire, passion and fight spirit.

The wordmark is usually executed in the same color palette, with three-dimensional capital letters. It looks strong and shows the game’s rich history and its character.

The Mortal Kombat logo is an iconic one. You can see it not only on the game’s cover and in the game’s scenes. It can be placed on the fashion and souvenir items, or on the pieces of contemporary art. Mortal Kombat emblem is a symbol of its generation and is a huge part of the video-gaming industry.


Mortal Kombat Font

What does the Mortal Kombat logo mean?
The iconic Mortal Kombat badge depicts a solid black silhouette of a dragon, placed on a gradient yellow-to-red background, and enclosed into a circular frame. The dragon of the badge came about because of the name Dragon Attack, which was first considered for the franchise. The curves of the creature make the Mortal Kombat badge resemble the iconic Yin-Yang symbol, which stands for harmony and balance in Asian philosophy.

Who is the blue guy in Mortal Kombat?
Not that there is only one guy in a blue uniform, featured in the Mortal Kombat franchise, but there is one, who is a bit more famous than the others — Sub-Zero, the head of the assassin clan, called Lin Kuei.

Are there dragons in Mortal Kombat?
Despite the fact, that there is a dragon on the logo of Mortal Kombat, and you expect to see many of these creatures in the plot of the franchise, it is not really true. The dragons in Mortal Kombat are a very rare thing — only three of them in the whole story.

What is the dragon mark in Mortal Kombat?
The Dragon Mark is the official logo of the Mortal Kombat franchise. It depicts a solid black silhouette of a dragon, enclosed in a circular frame. It does look very close to the Elder Gods symbol but was brought to the visual identity of the franchise for another reason. Initially, Mortal Kombat was supposed to be called the “Dragon Attack”. The name was rethought, but the badge remained.