Miami Heat Logo

Miami Heat Logo

One of the most popular professional basketball teams in the US, Miami Heat was created in 1988. Its logo can be described as a “fiery” basketball going through a black hoop. Although the logotype has been given a facelift in 1999, it basically retained its initial shape and idea.

Miami Heat Logo Meaning and history

Miami Heat history

The Miami Heat logo was designed by Mark Henderson in 1988. He submitted the image to the public contest the team announced a couple of months earlier. According to the club’s official history, this logo was chosen among over 1,000 emblems submitted by contestants.

Miami Heat secondary symbols

Miami Heat symbols

In addition to the main emblem, Miami Heat has several secondary ones. We can mention the “MH” insignia designed not long before the 2008 NBA Draft, the flaming “MH” emblem introduced for the 1999-00 season, and the “Miami” wordmark unveiled in 1999.

Current emblem Miami Heat

emblem Miami Heat

In 1999 the logo was tweaked for the first time. In addition to the introduction of a new color palette, there was also a less noticeable change in the shape of the flame above the “T” character.

Font of the Miami Heat Logo

Font Miami Heat Logo

The most distinctive character in the Miami Heat wordmark is the last one, “T”. There is a shape above the horizontal bar, which supposedly symbolizes a flame. Taking into consideration the visual context, this explanation seems absolutely logical. The letter “A” in this custom-made bold and italicized all-cap typeface is also unique and recognizable. All the other characters can be described as minimalistic and simple.

Color of the Miami Heat Logo

Color Miami Heat Logo

The previous color palette featured several shades of orange, accentuated by black. The color choice seemed perfectly natural, taking into consideration the whole flame idea behind the badge. The scheme used in the current version of the Miami Heat logo (red, orange, black, and white) seems more straightforward, yet it has the same symbolic meaning and includes all the team’s official colors.