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The athletic logo of the University of Alabama at Birmingham features a dragon with flames of fire coming out of his mouth. In other words, it represents one of the possible visual implementations of the metaphor implied by the word “Blazers.”

Meaning and history

UAB Blazers Logo history

The UAB Blazers, not merely a name but an emblem of athletic valor, owe their origins to the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s emergence in 1969. This date marks not only the inception of an educational institution but also the birth of a sports legacy. The Blazers, as the university’s athletic teams, have since woven a rich tapestry of achievements and resilience in the annals of college sports.

In the realm of accomplishments, the Blazers have carved a niche for themselves, especially in basketball and football. Their men’s basketball team has repeatedly graced the NCAA tournaments, showcasing a blend of skill, strategy, and unyielding spirit. The football team, on its part, has a tale of Phoenix-like resurgence, having been briefly disbanded and then remarkably revived to reclaim its stature in collegiate football. These chapters of triumph and tenacity not only underscore the Blazers’ athletic mettle but also mirror the university’s ethos of pursuing excellence.

Currently, the UAB Blazers stand as more than just a collection of sports teams; they are a beacon of unity, embodying the university’s spirit. Their journey, laden with challenges and victories, continues to inspire and rally the student body and alumni alike. The future beckons with promises of new achievements, as the Blazers navigate the dynamic and competitive landscape of college athletics, fueled by passion and support from the UAB community.

What is UAB Blazers?
Embodied within the UAB Blazers is the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s athletic spirit, spanning across a spectrum of sports, with notable prowess in basketball and football. These teams epitomize the university’s commitment to athletic excellence and student unity, reflecting a legacy of resilience and pride.


UAB Blazers Logo-1996
The UAB Blazers logo, designed in 1996, featured a traditional triangular crest shape, with the uppercase inscription set in an italicized bold sans-serif typeface, in white, with a thin yellow outline, on a wide black banner on top of the shield. The main part of the logo boasted an intense yellow background with a red outline. The mascot of the club, the green, and the black dragon was drawn over the yellow body of the logo, with the orange and yellow flame coming out of its mouth.

2015 – Today

UAB Blazers Logo

On the current UAB Blazers logo, which has been used since 2015, you can see an angled view of the dragon’s head and part of the neck. The dragon faces to the right.

The previous version, which was introduced in 1996, also features the same dragon’s head but in a slightly different way. Here, the dragon is placed inside a shield with the lettering “UAB Blazers” in white on the top. The filling of the shield is gold (behind the dragon) and black (behind the text).


UAB Blazers symbol

Several colors of the university’s palette can be seen on the UAB Blazers logo, which is dominated by dark green with splashes of red and gold. According to the official brand style guide, the school’s palette includes three shades of green (PMS 3425, PMS 350, and PMS 376), yellow (PMS 109), gold (PMS 7503), and smoke gray (PMS Cool Gray 9).

UAB Blazers football

UAB Blazers football logo

The team competes in the Football Bowl Subdivision of the NCAA and the West Division of CUSA. The Blazers have won one conference championship (in 2018) and have played in 3 bowl games.


UAB Blazers emblem

The top result of the women’s team has taken placed in 2000 when they reached the NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen. They have made two NCAA Tournament appearances. The men’s soccer team reached the NCAA Tournament Elite Eight in 1982. The total number of the NCAA Tournament appearances has reached 15, as of 2019.


UAB Blazers logo

While the women’s soccer team started only in 1996, it has already competed in the NCAA Tournament and has won the Conference USA Championship on three occasions in ten years. The men’s team has made nine NCAA Tournament appearances.