Florida Fire Frogs Logo

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The baseball team Florida Fire Frogs belongs to the Florida State League and plays at the Class A-Advanced level.

Meaning and history

Florida Fire Frogs Logo history

The Florida Fire Frogs are a very young team – it was established in 2017. The franchise is affiliated with the Atlanta Braves.

Florida Fire Frogs logo

Primary symbol

Florida Fire Frogs Symbol

While the Florida Fire Frogs logo comprises a subtle reference to the Atlanta Braves logo in its color palette, the Minor League Baseball team has a much more complex emblem with many small details. A large frog carrying a baseball on its head is depicted with flame-like design on its back and above its eye. The frog is leaping over the name of the team.

Alternative emblem

Florida Fire Frogs Emblem

Another version of the emblem features the same frog encircled by the orange team name on the black background.


Florida Fire Frogs Logo

In addition to the red and yellow borrowed from the parent team’s palette, the Florida Fire Frogs logo also comprises black, orange, and white.

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