Hot Wheels Logo

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Hot Wheels logo

Hot Wheels is an American brand of Mattel, a toy manufacturing company, which was established in 1968. The brand is known for its toy-cars, as well as collectible limited-edition models.

Meaning and history

Hot Wheels Logo history

The Hot a Wheels iconic logo was designed in 1968 and only slightly refined throughout the years.

The version of 1968 was composed of a red banner, resembling a flame, which was located horizontally, with a white wordmark on it. The wordmark in all the capitals was executed in a bold sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Heavy Heap font, created by Typodermic studio.

The red and white color palette of the Hot Wheels logo was changed to orange and white in 1973 and to red and yellow in 1990. That first version of the instantly recognizable brand’s palette featured a gradient yellow and white lettering, which stayed with the logo until 2014.

During more than twenty years, the Hot Wheels inscription was refined and modernized, using an outline, or shadow, to make it look three-dimensional and more dynamic.

In 2014 the simplified flat logo was created. A red flame with a yellow nameplate on it looks bright and friendly and evokes a sense of progress and passion.

Hot Wheels logo

The logo of Hot Wheels was designed using a font very similar to Heavy Heap designed by Typodermic Fonts. The font is available in uppercase letters, numbers, diacritical letters and limited punctuation marks. You can download the font for free here.