Most Famous Companies with Modern Logos

Most Famous Companies with Modern Logos

Fashion is changeable and cyclical at the same time. And trends in logo design only confirm this rule. The purpose of a logo is to be memorable and convey to the audience the main message of the brand, its ideas, and its uniqueness. There are many techniques and methods for creating logos, many of which turn into trends. Modern graphic designers have dozens of ways to update or create unique logos taking into account current trends. Gradients, unusual fonts, encrypted messages, geometric shapes, bright colors, or cold brevity – at least one of these techniques is a must-have for a modern logo.

But still, the main trend in logo design in recent years is minimalistic design. Minimalistic logos are still in demand thanks to the digitalization of business. The fact is that a recognizable logo with minimal details is well-recognized in any size.

Today we’ve selected for you a list of brands and logos, which show the main trends of visual identity design in the best possible way. We hope that our selection will help you to decide which techniques you like the most, and maybe something of what you see below will become the basis for the logo of your new brand.


Accenture logo

Accenture’s logo consists of the company name written in bold, lowercase black letters, accented by a purple forward arrow (“>”) above the “t.” This arrow, a distinctive symbol of direction, underscores Accenture’s ethos of forward-thinking innovation. It embodies the company’s relentless pursuit of helping clients advance their businesses through cutting-edge solutions, digital transformation, and technological breakthroughs. The color purple reflects creativity and boldness, while the clean, modern font signifies professionalism and clarity. The overall look communicates Accenture’s global expertise in management consulting, technology services, and strategy.


Amgen Logo

Amgen’s logo showcases the company name in bold, capitalized, blue letters. The custom font has distinctive, flowing curves that convey progress and innovation. This curvature embodies Amgen’s dedication to biotechnology excellence, representing a bridge between science and humanity. The blue color signifies trust, dependability, and a commitment to improving global health outcomes. Founded on the principles of harnessing scientific innovation to address serious illnesses, Amgen’s logo serves as a visual reminder of its role in providing cutting-edge therapeutic solutions.


Apple Logo

The Apple logo features a minimalist silhouette of an apple with a bite taken out of the right side. Recognized worldwide, this iconic emblem conveys simplicity, elegance, and innovation. The missing bite represents user-friendly design, hinting at humanity’s ability to grasp and utilize technology. Its monochrome black color aligns with Apple’s sleek and understated aesthetic. Symbolizing the company’s commitment to groundbreaking technology, the logo perfectly reflects Apple’s core values of creativity, originality, and a deep understanding of user needs.


AT&T Logo

The AT&T logo features the company name in bold, black letters alongside a striped blue globe. This globe, designed with layered shades of blue, symbolizes global connectivity and AT&T’s extensive telecommunications reach. It conveys the company’s dedication to connecting people worldwide through reliable telecommunication networks. The logo’s globe also embodies the spirit of inclusivity, hinting at the company’s desire to unite diverse communities. The choice of blue, associated with trust and security, reinforces AT&T’s promise of dependable service.

Century 21

Century 21 Logo

Century 21’s logo comprises a stylized “21” embedded within a circular “C,” both in gold. This modern design, defined by sleek lines and curves, conveys a fresh, client-focused approach. The gold symbolizes success and high standards, reflecting the company’s reputation as a leader in the real estate industry. The minimalist, modern aesthetic also aligns with Century 21’s ambition to redefine real estate services, leveraging technology, market expertise, and a global network to offer exceptional customer service and innovative solutions.


The Chase logo features the company name in bold black letters with an iconic blue octagon emblem to the right. The octagon, constructed from inward-pointing segments, symbolizes unity, security, and reliability. It conveys Chase’s unified, customer-centric approach to banking services, where all segments converge to serve the client. The blue color denotes trust and professionalism, reinforcing Chase’s reputation as a leading global financial institution. Overall, the logo reflects the bank’s comprehensive range of services and commitment to innovation in the financial industry.


Chevron Logo

The Chevron logo prominently features the company name in bold, blue letters above two overlapping V-shaped chevrons. The top chevron is blue, and the lower one is red, with a gradient that creates a three-dimensional effect. The design conveys energy, progress, and vitality, reflecting Chevron’s legacy in the energy sector. The chevron shapes point upward, symbolizing Chevron’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in delivering energy solutions for the future.

China Construction Bank

China Construction Bank Corporation Logo

China Construction Bank’s logo includes a stylized, circular blue “C” containing a diamond shape in its negative space, representing security and financial growth. The circular emblem conveys unity and inclusiveness, while the geometric diamond symbolizes stability and a solid foundation. Below the emblem, the company name is written in bold, black letters. Together, these elements reflect the bank’s focus on comprehensive financial services and its prominence in the global banking industry.



The CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) logo features the company name in bold, red capital letters, accompanied by a diamond-shaped emblem made from two overlapping bands in varying shades of red. The diamond’s interlocking design reflects collaboration, strength, and customer-centric service. The bright red hues convey the bank’s passion for growth, reliability, and its commitment to providing innovative financial services to its clients.


ClassPass Logo

ClassPass’s logo includes a modern, abstract emblem resembling an infinity loop or connected links, along with the company name in lowercase blue letters. The emblem signifies the brand’s focus on limitless opportunities for fitness and wellness. The soothing blue color represents calmness and trust, aligning with the brand’s mission to help users explore various fitness classes and activities with convenience, flexibility, and seamless integration.


The Dropbox logo showcases a distinct geometric emblem that resembles an open blue box made from four diamond shapes. The diamond shapes, representing different facets of a box, convey the brand’s commitment to flexibility, creativity, and user-centric solutions. The logo signifies Dropbox’s role in providing secure, cloud-based file storage and sharing services. The blue color embodies trust, reliability, and innovation in collaborative digital solutions.


logo Firefox

The Firefox logo features a stylized, circular emblem composed of warm orange and red hues on the left and cool blue and purple tones on the right. This emblem forms the shape of a fox encircling a globe-like negative space in the center. The vibrant gradient signifies adaptability and creativity, reflecting Firefox’s focus on providing a fast, secure, and customizable web browsing experience while maintaining its core values of openness and user privacy.


Houzz logo

The Houzz logo comprises a minimalist, stylized emblem in green resembling a house, with the name written below in bold, lowercase black letters. The simple yet vibrant design represents Houzz’s dedication to connecting people with home improvement services. The house shape reflects the company’s focus on architecture, interior design, and creating ideal living spaces, while the bright green color symbolizes growth and sustainability.

John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis Logo

The John Lewis & Partners logo presents a modern and sophisticated design with the company name in white, capital letters against a black background. The contrasting vertical white and black bars beside the text add a distinctive touch, conveying stability and timelessness. This logo reflects the company’s commitment to quality, integrity, and the collaborative spirit of its partnership business model.


Kijiji Logo

The Kijiji logo displays the company name in purple lowercase letters with five colorful dots arranged above the “j” characters. Each dot is a different color, symbolizing diversity and variety, reflecting Kijiji’s wide-ranging classifieds platform. The purple letters convey creativity and approachability, while the overall design signifies the brand’s mission of connecting communities and providing opportunities for local buying and selling.


The Linde logo features the company name in a classic, cursive font with an elegant swoop over the first letter. The sleek black color conveys sophistication and expertise, while the cursive style embodies the company’s historic legacy. Linde is known for its work in industrial gases and engineering, and the logo’s flowing design reflects adaptability, precision, and the company’s commitment to delivering innovative gas solutions worldwide.


The Merck logo consists of the company name in bold black capital letters next to a distinctive emblem resembling four interconnected circles in teal. This emblem reflects the company’s focus on global health solutions through research and collaboration. The teal color represents trust and stability, while the circular shapes signify unity, emphasizing Merck’s dedication to delivering impactful healthcare services with precision and reliability.


The Meta logo comprises a sleek, abstract infinity symbol in varying shades of blue. This emblem is designed to represent the limitless possibilities of the metaverse, capturing the company’s vision for the future of digital interaction. The blue shades convey trust, innovation, and creativity. The infinity loop signifies the company’s ambition to connect people globally through immersive digital experiences that transcend traditional boundaries.


Mizuno Logo

The Mizuno logo features an abstract, stylized “M” in deep blue, resembling a bird in flight or a wave in motion. This emblem sits above the company name, which is written in bold, capitalized letters with a modern font. The logo embodies Mizuno’s dedication to sports performance and innovation, conveying movement, agility, and precision. The blue color represents trust, professionalism, and a focus on achieving excellence in sports equipment and apparel.


Nike Logo

The Nike logo, also known as the “Swoosh,” is an iconic, curved shape in simple black that suggests speed and movement. Its distinctive design embodies the spirit of athleticism, inspiration, and innovation. It conveys Nike’s commitment to empowering athletes to achieve their goals, encapsulating the brand’s mantra: “Just Do It.” The simplicity and fluidity of the Swoosh evoke the power, determination, and elegance of the human body in motion.



The NVIDIA logo prominently features a stylized green eye with sharp geometric lines, symbolizing insight and advanced vision. The eye rests beside the company name, which is written in bold, uppercase black letters. The combination reflects NVIDIA’s focus on cutting-edge graphics technology, artificial intelligence, and computing power. The eye represents the company’s vision to transform industries through pioneering research, providing the digital world’s essential “vision.”


Oracle Logo

The Oracle logo comprises the company name in bright red, bold, and capitalized letters using a modern font with smooth curves and sharp edges. This dynamic design communicates Oracle’s focus on data management, cloud computing, and innovative digital solutions. The red color signifies passion, energy, and Oracle’s commitment to empowering businesses worldwide with reliable and robust software and technology services.

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press Logo

The Oxford University Press logo features a modern, circular emblem with intricate layers of navy-blue lines that create a flowing effect. Beside it is the company name written in uppercase letters, conveying academic authority and sophistication. The circular design represents the global reach and influence of Oxford University Press, while the emblem’s layers suggest an unwavering dedication to knowledge, research, and publishing excellence.


Peloton logo

The Peloton logo includes a stylized letter “P” in a circular design, resembling a bike wheel, positioned beside the company name in bold black letters. The wheel signifies the brand’s connection to cycling and fitness, while the overall sleek design conveys movement and progress. The logo reflects Peloton’s focus on modernizing fitness through technology, providing a dynamic and community-driven approach to health and exercise.


Pfizer logo

The Pfizer logo displays the company name in bold, white capital letters set against a vibrant blue oval background. The distinct, stylized “f” adds flair and continuity to the design. The color blue symbolizes trust, reliability, and the brand’s commitment to improving global health. Pfizer’s logo reflects the company’s focus on scientific excellence and innovative pharmaceuticals, helping to convey their dedication to pioneering healthcare solutions.

Ping An

Ping An logo

The Ping An logo features the company name in bright orange, uppercase letters with a modern, geometric font. The “A” contains a green square, symbolizing security and stability, which aligns with Ping An’s core business in insurance, banking, and financial services. The bold orange color conveys enthusiasm, energy, and the company’s dynamic approach to creating innovative financial solutions.


Renault logo

Renault’s logo comprises a stylized diamond shape with overlapping black lines that form a layered, three-dimensional effect. This geometric emblem signifies the brand’s precision engineering and innovative designs in the automotive industry. The sharp, angular lines convey forward momentum and adaptability, reflecting Renault’s vision for creating reliable, modern, and high-performing vehicles.


Rinse Logo

The Rinse logo includes a stylized “R” in orange, composed of layered, curved lines beside the company name in capital letters. The abstract emblem suggests clean lines and organization, reflecting the company’s mission to simplify laundry and dry-cleaning services with efficiency and convenience. The bright orange color conveys the brand’s passion and modern approach to offering quality care in garment cleaning.


SAP Logo

The SAP logo consists of the company name in white capital letters set against a blue gradient background that forms a sharp diagonal cut. The distinct angle represents forward progress, while the blue gradient symbolizes trust and professionalism. This logo embodies SAP’s focus on digital transformation, providing comprehensive software and solutions to help businesses worldwide run more efficiently.


Slate Magazine Logo

The Slate logo features the magazine’s name in bold, capitalized, deep purple letters with clean, sharp angles. The unique color choice stands out, representing creativity and distinction. The logo’s striking simplicity aligns with Slate’s commitment to delivering thoughtful and nuanced perspectives on current events, technology, and culture through its online publication.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services Logo

The TCS logo features the initials “tcs” in a gradient of warm colors ranging from orange to purple, creating a vibrant and fluid appearance. Beside it is the “TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES” name in all-caps, light blue letters with a clean, modern font. The gradient signifies innovation and adaptability, while the blue symbolizes trust and professionalism. This combination aligns with TCS’s global presence in IT consulting and services, emphasizing digital transformation and forward-thinking strategies.


Tesla logo

The Tesla logo displays a bold red “T” emblem above the company name in striking, capitalized letters. The “T” shape resembles a stylized circuit board, representing Tesla’s commitment to electric innovation and high-performance automotive engineering. The design reflects the brand’s pioneering spirit in sustainable energy and futuristic technology, with red symbolizing passion, determination, and disruption in the automotive industry.

Travel Channel (Trvl)

Travel Channel Logo

The Travel Channel logo, abbreviated as “Trvl,” combines a modern, bold yellow font with a purple arrow pointing right, suggesting forward movement and exploration. Below, “CHANNEL” is written in smaller yellow letters. This striking color contrast represents adventure and discovery, while the arrow reinforces a sense of direction. The logo embodies the network’s focus on travel, adventure, and cultural programming, encouraging viewers to journey beyond the familiar.


Wise Logo

The Wise logo, written in bold blue letters, features a stylized numeral seven in a lighter blue hue to the left of the name. This abstract “7” design conveys motion and speed, representing Wise’s commitment to fast, transparent, and cost-effective financial services. The two-tone blue color palette signifies trust and reliability, highlighting Wise’s focus on seamless international money transfers and efficient global financial management.


Obviously, most of the techniques in modern logo design are familiar solutions that designers have been using for years, but they still work perfectly. Along with the “classics” in each emblem, there are also new ideas and solutions. The main thing to understand is that all trends come down to one thing: the importance of creating a unique and noticeable image, which will distinguish the brand against the background of competitors and will win the trust of potential customers. And by the example of the logos above, we tried to prove to you that all of this is quite realistic to do, especially given the modern tools and technologies.

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