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The company currently known under the name Chevron had several predecessors, Star Oil, Pacific Coast, and Standard among them.

Meaning and history

Chevron Logo history

The history of Chevron started in the 1970s, with the foundation of Pacific Coast Oil Company, which merged with Standard Oil in 1906, forming one of the biggest players in the American oil market. The Chevron brand appeared in the 1930s, but the official name of the company was changed to Chevron Corporation only in 2013.

1879 — 1906

Chevron Logo 1879

The very first logo was created for Pacific Coast Company in 1879 and was composed of a diagonally arched lettering in white with a black outline and shadow, placed on a light bag round with delicate vignettes. The o elegant serif typeface of the inscription made the logo look traditional and stylish.

1906 — 1931

After the merger with Standard, the logo was redesign again. The company started using its iconic tricolor chevron emblem in its early years, putting lettering, executed in blue, above it.

1931 — 1948

Chevron Logo 1931

In 1931 the chevron emblem was refined and the wordmark above it became stronger and more modern, with thick yet narrowed sans-serif typeface, it was placed on a white background above the blue part of the badge.

1948 — 1969

Chevron Logo 1948

The redesign of 1948 switched the logotype from blue to white and placed it on a blue rectangle, which had its bottom part triangular, repeating the shape of the iconic emblem. The “Basoline” tagline was added to the inscription, also in white, but in a smaller size.

Chevron Logo 1948

In the same year, the first emblem for Chevron was introduced. It featured a tricolor chevron symbol with a delicate shadow placed on the bottom part of the outlined circle, where the red italicized wordmark was written. The letter “V” of the nameplate has two red wings, stretched to the left, representing progress and growth.

1969 — 2006

Chevron Logo 1969

In 1968 the Chevron logo was simplified, placing just two triangular segments (blue and red) inside a write vertical rectangle with rounded angles and a delicate black outline. The logotype was written in black title case style, using a bold sans-serif typeface.

Chevron Logo 1969

2005 — Today

Chevron logo

The current Chevron logo, designed in 2005, is fully based on the previous version, but the colors got lighter gradient shades and the framing was gone. As for the lettering, now it is set in a sky-blue color and uses a traditional sans-serif typeface with rounded shapes and thick lines.

Standard Oil symbol

chevron symbol

Since 1931, Standard Oil has gone through at least three logotypes. All of them have been based on downward angles given in a clipped and parallel manner. In the two earliest logotypes, blue and red angles had a white angle of the same width in between. In the 1969 version, the blue and red angles grew wider, while the white angle between them grew narrower. The logotype, created by Lippincott Mercer, was also used for the Chevron brand.


Chevron emblem

The current emblem is based on the 1969 version. The overall design has stayed almost the same, with the exception of a subtle shift in the color palette and a 3D effect.


The typeface featured on the Chevron logo looks pretty similar to the Myriad Pro-Bold font designed by Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly for Adobe. The letter “h”, however, has been slightly modified.


Color Chevron Logo

The logo comprises several shades of blue and red, as well as white for the background.

What does the Chevron logo mean?
The logo of the Chevron Oil Corporation depicts two ribbons, red and blue, forming two chevrons, to support the name of the company and create a confident heraldic look of the badge. This “traditional” approach to the logo design is strengthened by the iconic tricolor palette.

Why is Chevron called Chevron?
In the beginning of its activity, the Standard Oil Corporation had a line of products under the Chevron name, and in time, the name of the line has become synonymous to the company . Hence, when the moment or redesign has come, the company decided to change its name to Chevron, keeping the associations of the customers alive.

What is the Chevron company?
Chevron is the name of a global gas and oil corporation, which grew out of the Standard Oil Co, one of the world’s pioneers in this segment.

What is Chevron slogan?
The official slogan of the Chevron gas and oil corporation is “Human Energy”, which can be explained as the contribution of the company to humanity’s growth and development.

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