Top-40 Most Famous Logos With an Arrow

Top-40 Most Famous Logos With an Arrow

Incorporating all the specified phrases into a coherent and relevant text about the significance of an arrow in brand logo design, we can craft the following passage:

One of the most captivating yet not straightforward elements to master in the design of visual identities for brands is, undoubtedly, the arrow. Arrows, with their inherent symbolism of strength, aspiration, movement, and expansion, not only embody progress and innovation but also narrate the brand’s story with unmatched precision. This symbol, often rendered against a white background through vector illustration or clip art, transcends the binary of masculinity and femininity. Through the skilled hands of a professional designer, the arrow can be transformed into a design element that either exudes tenderness and delicacy or, conversely, showcases the brand’s personality through its sharpness and weight.

No matter the style, the inclusion of an arrow in logo design invariably introduces a level of sharpness and direction pointers that articulate the brand’s commitment to never settle for the status quo but to constantly move forward and grow. The process of crafting a great logo that perfectly embodies the brand’s narrative involves not just an artistic touch but a deep understanding of design elements such as typography, the selection of the right colors, and the strategic use of vector graphics.

The journey towards creating the perfect arrow logo is filled with inspiration and guided by the brand’s personality, aiming to resonate deeply with the right customers. By leveraging new premium graphics in PNG format and employing the right logo colors, a designer can effectively communicate the essence of the brand. The choice of fonts and the meticulous development of brand identity elements are critical in ensuring the logo is not just visually appealing but also meaningful.

A professional designer navigates the complex landscape of logo design with an eye for precision and a heart for the brand’s story. They understand that the essence of a successful logo lies in its ability to convey the brand’s personality and aspirations through a harmonious blend of vector illustration, typography, and design elements. The ultimate goal is to craft an own logo that not only captures the attention of the right customers but also stands as a testament to the brand’s journey towards innovation and growth.

By meticulously integrating direction pointers, clip art, design elements, and the strategic use of colors and fonts within the arrow logo design, the designer sets the stage for a visual narrative that is both compelling and deeply resonant with the brand’s core values. This narrative, supported by professional design precision and the creative use of vector graphics, ensures the logo not only signifies movement and expansion but also aligns perfectly with the brand’s aspiration to connect with its audience on a profound level.

Top-40 Logos featuring an arrow symbol:


logo Subway

We will start our today’s list with one of the most famous brands, bearing a logo with arrow symbols. Subway is a chain of fast-food restaurants operating on the franchise principle. The largest chain in the world by the number of catering outlets. The main products sold are submarine sandwiches. And the logo reflects it all. The stylized wordmark in yellow and green boasts two arrows at S and Y, visualizing entry and exit. This stands for movement and eating on the go. The growth and development meaning of arrows can also be easily adapted for the Subway emblem, as the chain keeps expanding opening new and new locations all over the globe.

NOS Energy Drink

logo NOS Energy Drink

NOS Energy Drink is a brand of beverage. The drink was distributed in a bottle that looked like a NOS (Nitrous Oxide Systems ) tank, but production of this bottle has been discontinued. It was formerly the property of The Coca-Cola Company, it is now produced by Monster Beverage and licensed to Holley Performance. The arrow on the NOS logo points to the right, indicating the movement forward and the readiness of the brand to change, moreover, the desire of the brand to change and grow. This element is a continuation of the elongated bar of the letter “N” that covers the entire logo like a roof.



logo Toshiba

Toshiba is one of the leaders in office and consumer electronics, developed at Japan’s largest research center. The legendary brand is also one of the arrow-logo bearers. The Toshiba arrows are simple, sharp, and clean. Two gray triangular elements pointing to the right are placed under the logotype, in the bottom right corner of the badge. They feature the same size, but different shades of gray, which makes them look vivid and evokes a sense of movement and energy. The arrows in this logo also resemble a forward remote button, showing the progressive and innovative approach of the company and their confidence in the future.


logo Amazon

One of the most famous logo arrows is undoubtedly the one from Amazon, a U.S. company, the world’s largest in the e-commerce and public-cloud computing platform markets by revenue and market capitalization. The symbol on this emblem was meant to show the strength of the company and the wide range of products offered. The bold arched orange arrow in the insignia is set under the wordmark, starting at the first letter, and finishing at the fourth, so coming from A to Z, pointing to the fact that Amazon has literally everything to offer. Apart from that meaning, the arrow also makes up a smile, adding friendliness and kindness to the badge, and showing the client as the main value of the company.

Burton Snowboards

logo Burton Snowboards

Burton Snowboards is a privately held snowboarding company founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977. The upturned arrow on the logotype of the popular sportswear brand stands for a stylized lowercase letter “B”, the first letter of the company’s name. It also reflects the purpose of the brand and its sport orientation, showing the movement up. Executed in a monochrome color palette, the Burton arrow looks extremely powerful and modern, with the rounded angles of its elongated and curved bar and sharp lines of the arrowhead, which is the main element of the whole badge.


logo AMD

AMD, the U.S. manufacturer of integrated circuit electronics, one of the largest manufacturers of central processing units, graphics processors and adapters, motherboards, and chipsets, uses a different style for the arrow on its logo. The green element on the badge is straight and sharp, very geometric. The arrow is composed of two chevron-line detail, which is placed diagonally and facing different sides: the smaller one looking down and left, while the bigger element looks upright. The diagonal orientation of the arrow adds strength and masculinity to its bold yet pretty simple logotype, which would not be that memorable if not for the graphical part on its right.


logo Carrefour

Carrefour SA – French retail company, operator of a retail chain of the same name. The company name literally means “crossroads” in French, hence the two symbols facing in different directions. The company logo depicts the “VC” between the two arrows showing the intersection. Both arrows on the Carrefour logo feature different and very creative shapes, so it is not always to see them at the first glance. They look smooth and chic, and executed in the French national flag color palette look very elegant and timeless.


logo Etnies

Etnies, a shoe brand from the heart of California, a part of Sole Technology Inc, has its arrow on the logo too. It is unscripted in the stylized capital letter “E”, the brand’s signifier. The arrow replaced its middle horizontal bar, having its arrowhead extended and facing to the left. Two other bars of the letter are shortened and have their left ends cut diagonally, repeating the shape on the arrow, and balancing the stencil typeface of the lowercase wordmark, written in black under the signifier emblem.


logo Citroën

Citroën is a French automobile company with a very recognizable emblem. What do the arrows on the logo of the French car brand Citroën symbolize – pine trees, pyramids, road cones, mountains, military chevron? There are many different versions. In fact, the iconic logo depicts the invention of the brand’s founder, André Citroën, the chevron pinion, which was used in the production of the first cars. The chevron emblem of the brand looks simple yet is instantly recognizable and represents not only the main invention in the brand’s history but also its growth and progressiveness.


logo Emerica

Emerica was organized in 1996 in Lake Forest, the USA, on the rise of the skater movement. Producing shoes of excellent quality, fully exploring the needs of skaters, having a unique design and original advertising, the brand Emerica managed in a very short time to become world-famous and gain the trust of its customers. The arrow on the logo of this brand is more a triangle, pointing up and standing for a mountain peak, although the bottom line of the element has a stylized white letter “E” in the uppercase inscription in it. The letter is “laying”, which makes the mountain’s bottom border geometrically torn, resembling an arrowhead.


logo Off-White

Off-White, a premium Italian streetwear brand, also uses arrows for its visual identity. Designer Virgil Abloh came up with the logo, rebranding the logo for Glasgow Airport. He added his patented element of black and white stripes to the existing airport logo of four arrows pointing in four different directions. This emblem with alternating black and white stripes can be seen not only on the brand label but also as the main take on Off-White’s fashion products. This geometric and, to some extent, even austere logo has a pretty deep meaning, reflecting the main specialization of the fashion brand – clothes for the city, street fashion, behind which is simplicity and convenience.


logo Arena

Arena is a Tolentino-based swimwear brand founded in 1973, and like many other sports-related companies, Arena uses an arrow symbol for its visual identity. Although, here it is not literate, but stylized and composed of three geometric elements, placed at a slight distance from each other. Three solid rhombuses are located under a lowercase logotype, executed in plain black or white, depending on the placement. The two top-level elements have their upper corners rounded, while all others are traditionally-sharp. As for the third rhombus, it is set in the bottom level, with its upper half located between the two elements from above. This figure has all four angles straight and strong.


logo Speedo

Another sports-related brand on our list is Speedo, a brand of the British Pentland Group, a distributor of swimwear and swim accessories, known for its swim trunks. The arrow here is sleek and sharp, drawn in a contrasting bright red color, the emotions it evokes are willingness, progressiveness, motion, and, of course, speed, which is the basis of the brand’s name, the essence of its activity, and the meaning of all its products. The Speedo arrow has its tales in different lengths, which makes it look unique and memorable, but also adds some playfulness and balances the height of the letters in the logotype.


logo Hi-Tec

Hi-Tec, a British brand of men’s and women’s footwear for various sports, tourism, and outdoor activities, uses an elegant stylized arrow symbol for its visual identity too. The arrow from this logo is thin and sharp, facing to the left, and had in the upper part of the arrowhead missing, which makes it look like a stylized key. The white Hi-Tec arrow is drawn over a solid black circle, on the left side of the badge. The circular shape softens and balanced the pointed angles and sophisticated sharpness of the symbol, making it look lighter, but not affecting its strength and the sense of motion it evokes.


logo Pontiac

Pontiac, a now-defunct American car brand manufactured between 1926 and 2009, and their manufacturer, which was founded in 1899 as an independent carriage company, has an arrow symbol as the main element of its visual identity too. The arrowhead can be seen in the shape of the Pontiac crest, which faces to the bottom. The gradient red element is outlined in a voluminous silver frame, which does a double job here both softening the contours and making the contrast of the logo stronger. There is no secret, that the automaking brand was named after the Grand Chief of the Ottawa Native Americans, thus the logo was designed based on one of the most commonly associated with the native Americans symbol, the red arrow.

Wrigley’s Spearmint

logo Wrigley's Spearmint

A bold green arrow can be seen on the logo of Wrigley’s Spearmint, the famous chewing gum of the American Wrigley Company. It is both the second half of the badge and the underline of the first, as well as the main brand’s signifier in both meaning and color. The green of the arrow stands for the mint flavor of the chewing gum, but in combination with the symbolic meaning, it represents development and growth, as the arrow is pointing to the right. The Wrigley’s Spearmint arrow has no beginning, it starts somewhere and goes through the whole badge, powerfully and bravely, showing the character of the brand.

Tangerine Bank

logo Tangerine Bank

Canada’s Tangerine Bank is one of the most popular in the country. Status as of mid-2017, the bank’s number was 2 million and total assets were close to $38 billion. The financial organization wanted to show its progressiveness through the visual identity, thus the logo of the bank is executed in a bright and energetic orange and white color palette, and the only graphical element of the badge features an arrow. To be precise, it is a mouse arrow cursor in white, which is diagonally placed above the last letter of the logotype, pointing upright, and symbolizing progress and innovations.


logo Chevron

Chevron Corporation is the largest integrated energy company in the United States, and one of the largest corporations in the world. And guess what? There is a chevron pattern on its logo! Two horizontally extended arrowheads pointing down are placed one above another, underlining the logotype. Both of the elements are formed of a folded ribbon, one in blue, and the bottom one in red colors. The arrows on the Chevron Corporation logo are not about movement and speed, but about confidence and stabile growth, strong and steady with no extremes. It is a very concrete badge, which evokes a sense of trustworthiness in the first place.


logo Macromedia

A different way of using an arrow symbol in the logo is shown by Macromedia Inc., one of the largest manufacturers of programs in one way or another related to the WEB. The simple lowercase logotype of the brand is accompanied by an extra-bold stylized letter “M”, placed above it. The letter is formed by two elements — a thick black diagonal line and a triangular arrowhead pointing up, in the calm lilac shade. The symbol is a pretty logical element for the visual identity of the computer-related company, but here it is also made a part of the brand’s name, so call it a win-win. Pointing up, the emblem stands for innovations and leap into the future of technologies.


logo Demix

Demix is the proprietary brand of the Sportmaster chain of sportswear, footwear, and equipment stores, and as with many other brands in the industry, it uses an arrow as the main symbol for the logo. The element here is drawn in a very sleek futuristic manner, with bold smooth lines, giving their internal edges straight, and the outside ones — softened. The Demix arrow is facing right, signifying speed and movement, which is more than logical for the sportswear brand, producing apparel and equipment for people, who care about their health and well-being. Demix arrow is powerful and inspiring, although its calm and modest color palette makes it a bit strict.


logo Dunlop Tires

Dunlop Tires is a car tire company. From 1950 to 1977 it was the official supplier of tires for Formula 1. Everything in the Dunlop logo yells “Speed!”, starting from its italicized wordmark, and finishing with the iconic yellow, red and black emblem with the sharp arrow on its right part. Due to an interesting composition with a circle, the arrow emblem slightly reminds a bird, which is flying to the right. The combination of sharpness and softness is what makes the logo truly unique and instantly recognizable/ with the thin lines of the arrow, having their ends pointed, and the bold circular frame around the red “D”, which gets slightly thinner, when getting close to the central peak.


logo Diadora

Diadora is an Italian company, manufacturer of sportswear, footwear, and accessories, based in Caerano di San Marco in the province of Treviso. Technical sponsor and creator of uniforms for the Italian referees association. The arrow on the Diadora logo is stylized and looks more like a horizontally oriented tick, or an abstract bird, which also suits the philosophy of the brand and reflects its essence, where the motion and movement are at the top of the list. The arrow is facing to the left and placed above the letter “O” of the wordmark, like emphasizing it.


logo Volvo

Aktiebolaget Volvo is the most famous Swedish automaker, which produces commercial vehicles and trucks, buses, engines, and various equipment. The Volvo logo – a circle with an arrow – is a Roman symbol of the god Mars, the shield, and the spear. However, for the Swedish car brand, the corporate badge means another antique iron symbol, which is very similar to the Roman symbol of the god Mars. Incidentally, the symbol of iron is the oldest and best-known image in Western culture. Thus the company wanted to emphasize the success of its country in the steel industry and to convince people that their cars are as reliable and strong as steel. The iconic logo is complemented by a thin diagonal line running strictly through the arrow when placed on the grille of the brand’s cars.

Black Diamond

logo Black Diamond

Black Diamond Equipment, the American climbing and skiing equipment company, has a simple and laconic, yet stylish geometric emblem, featuring two arrow symbols, on its logo. The monochrome composition is formed by a strict vertically oriented rhombus, placed on the right from the simple black chevron, facing to the left. Between the two elements, there is a significant white space, which repeats the shape of the chevron, creating another arrow with its peak pointing left. Here we can see a graphical representation of the company’s name, as the Diamond is often depicted as a rhomboid, but also the strong spirit and sports orientation; shown here with the help of the arrow symbols.

Delta Air Lines

logo Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines, also known simply as Delta, is an American airline headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the four founding companies of the SkyTeam passenger airline alliance. Just like the logo of the previous brand in our list, the Delta emblem features a geometric composition of two elements, placed on some space between each other. Here it is a vertically oriented triangle, facing up, resembling a pyramid. The upper part of the triangle is drawn like an arrowhead, in two shades of red, which makes it vivid and adds volume. But there is also one more arrow-like element on the badge — a white negative space between the two parts of the red triangle.


logo Genius

Genius is a PC accessory brand owned by KYE System Corp of Taiwan. The brand has probably one of the most recognizable arrow logos, ever created. This there is nothing super special, its stylized mouse arrow cursor, drawn with a solid circle above it and resembling an abstract human figure, is something that you can not forget after you see it for the first time. Drawn in smooth lines with uneven edges, the red, white, and black image looks very friendly, but also professional, and evokes a sense of reliability, along with creativity, of course. All the genius things are pretty simple, and the Genius brand proves it with its visual identity design.

Asiana Airlines

logo Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines, a South Korean airline that flies to 14 domestic and 90 international destinations to 21 countries and is a member of the global passenger airline alliance Star Alliance. The arrows on the Asiana Airlines logo are pointing upright, signifying flight, speed, and growth. It is drawn in a very simple and minimalist manner, with just two thick diagonal lines and their ends rounded. The arrow of the air carrier reminds us of a mouse cursor but is also how we teach our kids to draw birds, like a tick. Due to the simplicity of the drawing, the logo looks very friendly and welcoming, evoking a sense of loyalty and reliability, although its intense red color stands for power and confidence, giving the customers of the company a feeling of security and trustworthiness.


logo Yonex

Yonex is a Japanese manufacturer of badminton, tennis, and golf equipment. Manufacture rackets, shuttlecocks, clubs, apparel, and all the possible accessories for these kinds of sports. The logo of the brand can definitely be called iconic, as it hasn’t changed for decades and is known by people from all over the globe. The emblem of the brand is composed of four geometric figures, set in two levels — the upper line with two sharp triangles, or arrows, and the bottom one with two solid circles. At the first glance the badge looks like a stylized image of two cherries, then when you think about the specialization of the company, you can see badminton shuttles in the idea, but the upper elements also look like arrows, pointing at such things as speed, motion, and development.

In-N-Out Burger

logo In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is an American fast-food restaurant chain, operating mainly in the southwestern United States and the Pacific Coast. In-N-Out Burger was founded in Baldwin Park, California, on October 22, 1948. The logo of the food chain is way too bright and powerful. Designed in a yellow and red color palette, it has an arrow as the main element, which is drawn in the boomerang shape, having its upper part bell bent to the right, and the arrow on its end facing the same direction. The In-N-Out arrow obviously stands for the name of the restaurants, showing that you can eat in and take the meal out, on your way home or to your office.



logo Greenpeace

Greenpeace is an international independent, the non-governmental environmental organization founded in 1971 in Canada. The main aim of the organization is to make our planet better and cleaner, and this is was can easily be seen on the logos of Greenpeace. They have changed several times throughout history, but have always used green; a color of nature, new life, growth, and progress. The arrows around the planet show the utilization and recycling processes, which are currently the most important for the world’s ecology, with all the amount of plastic we use daily.


Accenture logo
Accenture is a global IT company, established in Ireland in 1989. They prefer minimalism in their logotype, as most of their historic logos depicted the company’s name, written in black lowercase letters. Each of this had a little ‘>’ sign above the ‘t’ letter (usually). The latest is colored purple.


Ameriprise Logo
Ameriprise is a provider of financial services from America, founded in the late 19th century. Their logo depicts their own name, written in blue serif letters (the ‘Financial’ bit written below and slightly to the side of the big main word). They have an emblem, which depicts a blue circle with an 8-tip star inside. On one of these, there’s a blue arrowhead image that makes the emblem look like a compass.


Avengers logo
Avengers are one the primary brands in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, first introduced in the 2012 movie with the same name. The logo displays the brand’s name written in tall, black letters. The central bar on the ‘A’ is also turned into an arrow that points right. They place the arrowhead in front of the letter’s right line, but outlined the former so it could stand out.


Hyster logo
Hyster is an American manufacturer of forklifts and similar equipment, founded in 1929. The company’s logo is a square shape with a cross in the center, dividing the logo into four smaller sections. The central space is occupied by the company’s wordmark, written in big, segmented letters. The square sections on the bottom left and top right are occupied by arrows that point towards the center line. The colors are either black and white or black and yellow.


LuLaRoe Logo
Lularoe is an American company focused on marketing of female clothing, founded in 2012. Their emblem is a square made from 7 layers of various colors. The same colors are used for each letter of the wordmark, placed to the right of the emblem. The letters in this wordmark are made from lines and various small shapes. For instance, the long line in ‘L’ and ‘R’ are crowned with triangles, making them look like arrows.


Polestar logo
Polestar is a Swedish carmaker that makes hybrid sports cars, established in 1996. Their logo looks like two arrowhead symbols (‘>’) arranged into a star of sorts. They are positioned as two right angles with tips located opposite of each other. The horizontal lines are grey, while the vertical ones are black.


RTL Most Logo
RTL-Most is a video streaming service from Hungary, which mostly airs shows and movies. Their logo is the word ‘Most’ written in grey lowercase letters. The ‘o’ here is depicted as a big red circle, inside of which there is a round arrow image. Lastly, there’s also a small rectangle underneath the letter ‘M’ that has ‘RTL’ written on it in pale gray.


Sukhoi logo
Sukhoi is a prominent Russian aircraft producer, founded in 1934. The Russian ‘Su’ planes are made by them. Their main logo features the company’s name, written in big blue letters. The emblem, for its part, is a grey outline of a compass arrow, fitted inside a circle of the same color.


Yamaha Logo
Yamaha is a Japanese company that mostly sells musical instruments nowadays. Their logo features the company’s name, written in tall, black letters next to their main emblem. That emblem is a circle with an elaborate image in the middle. It depicts three lines converging in the middle and joining with a 3-tip flower-like element. On each of these tips, there is a small arrow.