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Chase (JP Morgan Chase bank, N. A.) is part of the JPMorgan Chase financial service company. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, it has a staff of about 240,000 employees nationwide.

Meaning and history

Chase Logo history

The very intense history of the Chase logo redesigns is explained by the frequent name changes of the bank — it started in 1799 as Manhattan Company, which became Chase National Bank in 1877, and later, in 1955 was renamed into Chase Manhattan World-Wide Banking, which grew into Chase Manhattan Bank in 1961, and finally turned into Chase. So each of the bank’s renamed required a new logo, this is why there were six different emblems created for Chase throughout its history.

1799 – 1877

Chase Logo 1799

The original logo, created in 1799 was an ornate traditional badge full of elegant old-style lettering in different typefaces. There was an enlarged “Bank of the Manhattan Company” inscription on the top level, with the date of establishment and the address under it. It was a simple monochrome composition without any framing or emblems and stayed with the bank for almost a century.

1877 – 1955

Chase Logo 1877

The name of the bank was changed to The Chase National Bank in 1877 and the logotype was redrawn. Again, it was simple lettering, set in three levels, with the bold and solid nameplate on top, executed in a sleek serif typeface, the tagline in all capitals, and the bank’s address on the bottom level, also in capitals.

1955 – 1961

Chase Logo 1955

The logo designed in 1955 featured a square frame with rounded angles with the contour of the United States as the central element and a globe above it. The “World-Wide Banking” in all capitals of a lightweight sans-serif typeface was written over the globe, and “Chase Manhattan” in serif font was enlarged and placed in the USA image, in white. That was the first logo with graphics.

1961 – 1976

Chase Logo 1961

The iconic octagon symbol we all can see today was first introduced in 1961. The logo, created by Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv design bureau was composed of a capitalized inscription in sans-serif, set in four levels, and a multicolor emblem on the right. The emblem featured an octagon with a white square in the middle. The frame of the emblem was composed of four rectangular trapezoids in black, lilac, brown, and light green. Each figure was separated from another by a thin white line.

The geometry of the emblem and its colors stood for confidence, loyalty, professionalism, and unity, and showed the bank as a strong financial organization with its customers as the main value.

Later in the same year, another version of the logo was introduced — the hexagonal emblem in monochrome, with its trapezoids in black, and the inner pet and separation lines in white.

1976 – 2005

Chase Logo 1976

In 1976 the color palette of the logo was changed and the lettering — shortened, according to the new bank’s name, Chase. The white wordmark was now set on a rectangle, with its wide upper part in blue and a bottom thin one in red. The white emblem was put on the left from the lettering, inside the rectangle. The new color palette reflected the patriotism and power of the bank, showing it as a reliable and powerful one.

2005 – Today

Chase logo

In 2005 the Chase logo was simplified and drawn in a new color palette, with the wordmark in black placed in a white background, and a light blue emblem on its right. The sleek and modern sans-serif typeface of the Chase inscription has its letter ends cut diagonally, which added a sharp sense of progress and movement. The light blue and white emblem is slightly smaller than the lettering, and looks elegant and tender, standing for loyalty and reliability.

Bank Logo

Chase National Bank Logo

When Chase National Bank was purchased by the Chemical Bank of New York (1996), the logo had to be modified again. The bank’s name was shortened to “Chase”, and the logo was subject to the change too. The octagon was still there, except it changed color to white.

JP Morgan Logo

jp morgan chase logo

The JP Morgan Chase Logo is what the previous one was changed to when Chase merged with J.P. Morgan Chase in 2000. The new logo featured the same elements as its predecessor.


chase symbol

The octagon stands for a cross-section of the type of wooden water-pipe, which was used in Manhattan in the times when Chase was a water supply corporation.


shape chase logo

The current Chase logo consists of the company name followed by the octagon.


colors chase logo

The company name is written in black, and the octagon is blue. These colors express excellence and optimism.


font chase logo

The logo uses the company’s signature typerface.

What does the Chase logo mean?
The Chase logo, composed of a modern uppercase wordmark and a geometric emblem, represents the structure of the bank, and its fundamental yet progressive approach to the financial services provider. The octagonal emblem on the Chase badge is formed by several elements, which stand for the bank’s subdivisions, while its blue color is a symbol of reliability and professionalism.

Who created the Chase bank logo?
The original version of the Chase octagonal emblem was introduced at the beginning of the 1960s. It was an idea and design of the famous American bureau Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv. Since then the badge was refined several times, by different agencies, by but the original version is still used by the bank today.

What is the official name of Chase bank?
The official name of Chase Bank is JP Morgan Chase Bank & Co. The first part of the name of the American financial institution represents the bank’s affiliation with one of the world’s most reputable banking organizations, JP Morgan & Co.

Who owns Chase?
As it comes from the full name of the organization, JP Morgan Chase Bank & Co, the American bank is owned by the global financial corporation, JP Morgan & Co.