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Ping An is the world’s largest insurance company, which was founded in 1988 and held an IPO in 2004. While the company started as a property and casualty insurance company, it has since expanded into life insurance, banking, online financial services, and asset management with the stated goal of becoming a comprehensive financial services provider. It has a market capitalization of about $90 billion.

Meaning and history

Ping An has more than 225,000 full-time employees and partners with more than 625,000 sales agents in China. The company has more than 89 million customers in its divisions. Ping An is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

As the largest insurance company in the world, Ping An has been increasingly focused on new technology and financing in recent years.

Like other insurance players, Ping An is focused on startup innovation, tracking about 7,500 fin-tech companies around the world and another 7,500 in the health care industry, scouting the field for potential investments or partnerships.

Ping An Logo

That approach has helped the group become one of the very few large financial firms in the world to build technology business lines. Marcus by Goldman Sachs Group Inc, which is a retail brand that offers personal loans and online savings accounts to individuals, is another rare example, but smaller than Ping An’s tech divisions.

The Corporation was also of great help during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, helping other countries, such as Indonesia, with medical equipment.

The minimalist and strict concept of the Ping An visual identity makes color its main element. The Ping An orange is a representation of energy, growth, and progress, which brilliantly reflects the focus of the Corporation, and its fin-tech direction.

Font and color

Ping An Font

The main element of the Ping An logo is the wordmark, written whether in orange on white or in white on orange. The custom modern typeface of the uppercase lettering is based on one of the commercial fonts, such as Kallisto Bold or Jupiter Mission Regular, but with some modifications. The outer contours of the letters are softened and rounded, while the interiors are straight and sharp.

The orange and white color palette of the logo evokes a happy and trustworthy feeling, showing the company as the loyal and safe one, the one that cares about its customers and their future. Orange is a shade of sun, energy, and passion, and with this energy and passion, Ping An does each move into the future.

Ping An Icon

Ping An Icon

The Ping An icon is also based on the wordmark, but here it is a white uppercase inscription in a bold custom typeface, placed on a plain orange background. The only decorative element of the icon is a small dark gray square, placed on the bottom part of the letter “A”, replacing its horizontal bar.