Dropbox Logo

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Dropbox Logo

Dropbox is a cloud storage program, which was created in 2007 in the United States. The software was made to store and synchronize files. Today the Dropbox application is one of the most popular in data stores and has its versions in 17 languages.

Meaning and history

Dropbox Logo history

The current Dropbox visual identity, designed in 2017, was based on the company’s earlier logo version, which was composed of a blue wordmark with a blue open box emblem on its left.

The Dropbox emblem was a symbol of the application’s functions — files storage. It was a nice and simple design, which became very recognizable all over the globe.

The redesign of 2017 changed the wordmark color from blue to black. So that the logo started looking more professional and confident. The sans-serif typeface of the lettering was also slightly modified in order to gain a more balanced and solid look.

Dropbox Logo

The blue box now has a brighter shade and is stylized as five blue rhombuses with one white in the middle. Now it looks more lodger and resembles layers.

The Dropbox logo is minimalist yet very meaningful and memorable. The blue and black color palette is a reflection of the company’s authority and expertise. It also evokes a sense of confidence and security. And it is known that Dropbox cares about its customers’ files security most of all.