Linde Logo

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Linde Logo
Linde Company was founded by an inventor Carl von Linde in 1879 in Wiesbaden, Germany starting with the production of a mechanical system of refrigeration. In 1907, the firm established a subsidiary, Linde Air Products, in the USA and attracted new investors. Nevertheless, after the defeat of Germany in the world war, the subsidiary was expropriated and included in the Union Carbide Corporation; only in 1992, it split from the Corporation to become an independent Praxair Company.
The year 1999 was important for Linde as it regained the right to use its brand in the USA market. Meanwhile, Linde acquired AGA gases company of Sweden and extended its operations to Northern Europe and the Americas.  In 2018, Praxair Inc. and Linde AG announced their merger. The new company, Linde plc, is the world leader in the field of industrial gases supplies and engineering. In 2018, its sales reached a level of 28 billion US dollars. It has about 80 thousand employers worldwide and serves clients in more than 100 countries.
Logo Linde

The Logo and its history

The main part of the initial logotype of Linde AG was the capital letter “L” made with handwriting graphics. The upper part of the letter curved ahead in an extended swash. The same way was extended the letter’s leg so that it almost reached the upper bar making a sort of an unfinished ellipse. Under the emblem was the inscription “THE LINDE GROUP” made with the graphics of the commercial font Ringo Bold with the exception of the letter “n” which written in a script font. Both the emblem and the wordmark were in dark lapis blue tone.
Logo1 Linde
After the merger, the main company’s logo included the name “Linde” made in script font most close to Skiff Extra Bold Italic with letters connected as if handwritten. The traditional capital “L” is taken from the previous logo. Its curved upper bar is extended until the letter “d” and makes the essence of the recognizable image of the logo as a whole. The colour palettes of the logo can be various. The official version is a white wordmark on a blue rectangle with a light stripe duplicating the silhouette of the letter “L”.  In addition, there may be a black wordmark on a white background or a white one on a red rectangle. Today Linde’s logo is associated with innovation and sustainable solutions that the company offers to its customers in order to enhance their economic achievements.