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China Construction Bank Corporation is the name of one of the largest banks in China. Founded in 1954, by the middle of 2010th it became one of the most influential world institutions. Thus, in the 2015 Forbes Global 2000 ranking, it was ranked 2nd among the world’s two thousand largest public companies, including 3rd by assets, 4th by earnings, 20th by market capitalization, and 33rd by revenues.

Meaning and history

The bank was founded on October 1, 1954, under the name Peoples Construction Bank of China. It was under the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China and served to distribute funds intended for construction and infrastructure development. In 1979, the bank came under the State Council and gradually began to acquire the functions of a commercial bank. In 1996, the name was changed to China Construction Bank. And, finally, in September 2004, with the approval of the Banking Supervisory Committee of the PRC, the bank became a joint-stock commercial bank China Construction Bank Corporation.

Today China Construction Bank has a network of 14,925 branches in mainland China, also 10 branches outside: Hong Kong, Singapore, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney, Taipei, New York, and Ho Chi Minh City, and several subsidiary banks all over the world.

China Construction Bank Corporation Logo

The logo of the finance corporation is very solid and strict. Based on one graphical element and a logotype in two languages, the visual identity of the China Construction Bank is executed in a calm and professional blue and black color palette, with plain white chosen for the background.

The most interesting part of the logo, is, of course, the emblem. A stylized double letter “C” with white rhombus in the negative space combines sharpness and smooth lines, showing the confidence and power of the corporation along with its attention to the clients.

Font and color

China Construction Bank Corporation Font

The use of dark blue and black colors in the logo stands for loyalty, stability, and high quality of services and products. This color combination is also a reflection of security and trustworthiness, which are probably the most important characteristics for any business, related to finance.

As for the typeface, here everything is pretty easy — the upper level of the logotype is written in bold sleek Chinese hieroglyphics, in black, while the bottom line, also in black, uses thin rounded sans-serif typeface and is written in a title case, showing the corporation as a patriotic one, emphasizing its priority of the Chinese market.

China Construction Bank Corporation Icon

China Construction Bank Corporation Icon

For the icon, the China Construction Bank a corporation uses its blue and white stylized letter “C”, usually set on a simple white background. The letter has a soft outer contour, with rounded angles, and a sharp straight inner one — with the rhombus as the center of the composition. The upper bar of the letter is divided by a thin white line, which makes one letter look like a double “C”, for “China” and for “Construction”.

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