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Merck is a German multinational pharmaceutical and chemical company. It was founded in 1668 by Friedrich Jacob Merck and is the world’s oldest company in the industry, as well as one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Meaning and history

Merck Logo history

1838 – 1850

Merck Logo 1838

1850 – 1900

Merck Logo 1850

1900 – 1935

Merck Logo 1900

1912 – 1935

Merck Logo 1912

1935 – 1968

Merck Logo 1935

1968 – 2001

Merck Logo 1968

2001 – 2015

Merck Logo 2001

The Merck logo is a breakthrough in the pharmaceutical industry brands design. It is build on progressive elements and a balance of art and science.

The brand’s aim was not to be confused to the American Merck company and to stand out in a list of pharmaceutical leaders. The previous logo was very simple yet had some colorful elements in it.

Inspired by the Universe, the Merck logo is based on an ecosystem of elements: striking colors, expressive cells, energetic strings and experiential microbes that can be combined to celebrate the brand.

A clear wordmark lives alongside a constantly changeable ‘Vibrant M’, a key signifier of the brand, used to unite all of Merck’s businesses and signal the presence of vibrant science and technology.

The “M” is the main colorful element of the logo. It is being dressed in different biochemical textures, combining the brightest colors possible. It makes the logo eye-catching and edgy.

The custom typeface can be compared to nothing else. It is bold, it is bright, it is different. The name of the main font is Lato, and the “Vibrant M” has its own typeface, called “M font”. This is a simultaneously technical and organic typeface that allows Merck to tell its most colorful stories ever.

The Merck logo is a brave new expression for a company at the cutting edges of scientific discovery. By making the shift from a chemical and pharmaceutical company to one of vibrant science and technology, Merck now have the brand identity that allows them to show the world their true colors.

Using such a different and bright logo is a very risky move for a pharmaceutical company, but the brand achieved their goal — they will never be confused with another Merck, or any other brand in the world.

2015 – Today

Merck Logo