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Peloton is The name of a sporting media company that was established with the help of the Kickstarter fundraising platform in 2013. Based in the United States the company provides its users with in-home sports equipment and gives them access to the online classes which run from their gym in New York City.

Meaning and history

Peloton logo

Peloton is a young and very progressive project, which shows us how the sport classes will possibly look like in the next decades and makes people who cannot leave their homes for different reasons comfortably run various cycling classes, not missing on the coach’s attention and experience. You get the bicycle device at home, sign up online, and participate in the Peloton classes whenever it’s good for you.

The actuality and usefulness of this system were proved by the fact, that the company raised funds through another online platform, Kickstarter, where users from all over the globe donated to it, appreciating its progressive approach and believing in its big and strong future success.

The visual identity of Peloton is composed of a stylized emblem and simple clean lettering on its right. The emblem features a white and black symbol with a slanted and rounded letter “P” placed on a circular bicycle “pedal”. The tail of the letter is parallel to the thick rounded line, coming diagonally through an outlines circle.

Peloton emblem

Monochrome is the official color palette of the brand, though there are several versions of this stylish and contemporary logo — with the fuchsia pink emblem and dark gray lettering, or with a coral-red “P”, which is also accompanied by a gray text. The logotype can be placed both on the right and under the graphical part. Another version featured both the emblem and the inscription in a classy medium-dark gray.

Font and color

The capitalized sans-serif Peloton inscription is executed in a bold and clean typeface with straight lines, distinct cuts, and full-wide shapes of the letters. The simplicity of the logotype looks timeless and modest, adding elegance to a contemporary emblem and making the whole structure look more serious and stable. The peloton inscription is written in the sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to such fonts as Radikal Bold, Noah Head Extra Bold, and Orqquidea Sans Demi Bold.

The official color palette of a peloton is based on a timeless black-and-white combination, which looks minimalist yet powerful and stylish. In secondary versions of the logo, there are various bright colors — fuchsia or coral, which evoke a sense of energy and passion, brilliantly reflecting the essence of the company and its values. With the gray complements, the logo starts looking calm and confident, showing the brand as the trustworthy ones, and reflecting its expertise and authority.