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A popular website about architecture, interior and landscape design, Houzz was created in 2009 by two entrepreneurs: Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen.

Meaning and history

Houzz Logo history

2009 – 2018

Houzz Logo 2009
The Houzz logo consists of two parts: the emblem itself and the wordmark. The emblem is a combination of four triangles (black, white, and two green ones) and two rhombuses. The wordmark is given in black lowercase letters.

2018 – Today

Houzz logo
The redesign of 2018 simplified the Houzz logo yet kept the bright and recognizable lime green black and white color palette. The new logo boasts a combination of a simple and traditional lowercase sans-serif inscription in black, placed on the left from a lime-green emblem, which depicts a stylized house silhouette. The letters in the logotype have a lot of space in and between each other, which makes the whole picture airy, yet keeps the confident and strong look.

Requirements concerning the symbol

Houzz symbol

The company brand guide requires the symbol and wordmark to be locked up horizontally only. It also mentions that while the symbol may be used on its own, the wordmark cannot be used without the symbol.

3D versions of the emblem

Houzz emblem

In addition to the regular 2D logo, 3D versions may be used. The 3D effect is created by either color grading effect applied on the green triangles or by adding new elements from the right side of the emblem.


Font Houzz Logo

The Houzz logo utilizes a perfectly clear, minimalistic sans serif typeface. The space between the letters is rather wide.


Color Houzz Logo

The two primary colors are green (Pantone 368C or Pantone 382U) and black. The background is white. In case it is necessary to use an additional color, two shades of grey are acceptable (Pantone cool gray 1C and Pantone cool gray 9C).