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Tesla is an American electric car company founded in July 2003 in California. One of the co-founders of the company is the American engineer and investor Elon Musk, who joined the project a few months after its establishment. Tesla specializes in the production of electric cars and the development of technologies for efficient electricity storage.

Meaning and history

Tesla Logo

Automobile brand Tesla got its name thanks to the experimenter-physicist Nikola Tesla, who discovered alternating current and predicted its wide application in engineering and technology. Thanks to its name, the brand has gained certain popularity.

An interesting and little-known fact in the history of Tesla is that Elon Musk was not at the very origins of the company at all. Tesla was founded on July 1, 2003, by two investors, Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning. Musk came to Tesla a few months later, investing $6.5 million. And that was the biggest investment at the time.  It allowed him to take over as head of the company, which he still is, and it was under his leadership that Tesla became what it is today – the most expensive car company in the world.

The Tesla logo was designed to make the ideas of electric motors recognizable at the widest level. After all, its main idea of Tesla is to create the electric motor and make it accessible to the masses by facilitating the transportation of electricity. In 1882 Nikola Tesla presented his unique development – an AC motor. Today, this engine, albeit modernized, is used in Tesla Roadsters cars.

Since 2005, the company has introduced five Tesla-branded electric car models: the Roadster, Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y. Tesla is also expanding its Supercharger network of electric charging stations.

2004 – Today

Logo Tesla

The Tesla logo was created in 2004 by RO Studio, an American design bureau, which is also responsible for the emblem of Space X, the second company of Elon Musk.

The main task of the Tesla logo is to unambiguously give a hint of its electrical origin. Formally, the logo is the capital letter of the brand name, but it is also an element of the electric motor. The very first version of the Tesla badge was drawn in the shape of the shield, hence an interesting shape of the capital “T”, which was inscribed into it.

Although the most commonly known explanation of the Tesla logo, except for the simply stylized letter “T”, is the shield, that represents safety, there is another very interesting legend about the meaning of the popular insignia, as all iconic logos have to have several explanations, theories, and mysteries behind them.

The Tesla logo resembles a cat’s nose. And this idea was even confirmed by the founder of the company, Elon Musk, himself. The cat is an animal, which symbolizes the deep and intuitive beginning. And not many can argue, that the company has reached the level it is at now due to the incredibly sensitive intuition of its owner. Another thing about the cat’s nose is that it is an indicator of its owners’ well-being and mood. As we know, Tesla does everything to make sure every single aspect of the driving process works for the driver’s enjoyment and safety.

But, as with most mysteries, the Tesla one has a pretty simple core idea in it. When Elon Musk was asked about it on Twitter, he replied, that the Tesla badge is  “Similar to SpaceX, the T is like a cross-section of an electric motor, just as the X is like a rocket trajectory.”

But whatever the story behind the Tesla badge is, it looks edgy and futuristic, perfectly reflecting the essence of the company, its achievements, and its innovative approach to creating vehicles.

What is Tesla?
Tesla is a young American car company founded in 2003 in California. The company, established by engineer Martin Eberhardt and computer developer Mark Tarpenning, specializes in the production of electric cars.


Symbol Tesla

To emphasize the continuity with the ideas of Nikola Tesla, the brand used the logo in the form of a shield (a traditional heraldic element). This underscores the desire to maximize the safety of users of new cars (safety as the basic human need in the Maslow pyramid, for example) and maximum environmental safety as a result of the operation of electric vehicles (the ecological need is substantially higher in the Maslow pyramid of needs).


Emblem Tesla

On the outside, the Tesla emblem looks like a classic heraldic sign – the main figure (in this case – the letter T, stylized as a segment of the electric motor) is inscribed in the form of a triangular emblem. At the same time, the very name of the brand already evokes definite associations, and they are related to the revolutionary discoveries in the field of electricity made at the end of the 19th century by the experimenter and innovator Nikola Tesla.


Font Tesla Logo

The font occupies a special place in the Tesla logo. The creators of the logo simply could not afford to go with something typical, and ordinary. The font contains some elements of the main image – a stylized letter “T”, on the top of the pommel which is as if separated from the main element. The font looks more familiar to us from letters from the past (though still used today) than the font used for the index. Only here in the vowels “E” and “A” are eliminated “superfluous” vertical lines. This allows us to talk about the font symbology that echoes the main image, where space hints at magnetic fields in the electric motor, interacting to create torque.


Color Tesla logo

The main colors of the Tesla logo are silver (white) and black. On a white background, black elements look particularly noticeable, plus this contrast is treated as a contrast of aging technologies with new, energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

The combination of white (silver) and red is also used, emphasizing the innovative, if not revolutionary, nature of the electric transport intended for the widest audience. Variations in the placement of a black and white logo on red flags and pendants are also frequent.

What does the Tesla logo represent?
The iconic Tesla logo depicts a stylized letter “T” with an arched horizontal bar. The letter stands for the name of the company and has several versions of interpretations. It looks sharp and modern, reminding of traditional shield emblems, but with a strong modern influence in it.

What color is the Tesla logo?
The color palette of the Tesla logo is based on an intense shade of red, which is always associated with power and confidence. The red and white logo of the company evokes a sense of professionalism and influence, showing the brand as the synonym of excellence and quality, and emphasizing its innovative approach and progressiveness.

What does the Tesla emblem represent?
The Tesla emblem, composed of a stylized capital letter “T”, executed in a classy and sharp old-style crest style, represents a semblance of the electric motor section that was designed by the legendary scientist Nikola Tesla. Initially, the Tesla emblem was designed to suit the classic shield shape of the frame, but in the end, the frame was removed from the composition.

What does the Tesla icon mean?
The icon of the Tesla branddepicts the capital letter “T”,stylized as a section of an electric motor. Such a motor was designed in his time by the great physicist Nikola Tesla, the man, who gave the name to the modern company, and an inspiration for its founder.


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