SAP Logo

SAP Logo
The SAP logo has been tweaked several times throughout its more than 45-year history. However, the overall look of the emblem has not changed much as its center has always been the three-letter wordmark.

Meaning and History logo

SAP logo history

SAP made its first steps in 1972, starting with one customer and less than ten employees. Today, it has more than 340,000 customers in over 180 countries.
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The early versions of the emblem featured just the name of the company in a square shape. It was only in 1999 that the triangle was added to the emblem. Over the following couple of years the company experimented with the colors, mostly shades of blue. One more remarkable change was the introduction of a “smiling” “A”. In 2011 the company adopted the version of the logo with the light blue background.

2014 symbol

symbol SAP
One day in late October 2014, visitors of the company’s official web resource noticed a remarkable change. The iconic blue logo went gold. The sunny, optimistic color created a perfect harmony with the smiling “A”. But that was not all. Gone were the familiar square and triangle shapes. In fact, this version of the logo was a plain gold wordmark given against the white background. Alternatively, the logo could be reversed. In this case, the background was gold, while the letters themselves were white. The reversed version was placed into a square shape.

Current emblem

emblem SAP
Although the gold version created a friendly and optimistic impression, the company got rid of it very soon. Instead, it returned to the standard, instantly recognizable version of the logo, where the white letters were placed inside a blue shape formed by a square and a triangle.


Font SAP Logo
The sans-serif all-cap type featured in the SAP logo can be easily recognized by the distinctive “A” character.


Color SAP Logo
Blue is very often associated with mental activity, information, and software engineering. So, it is hardly a surprise that the software corporation used this color in its wordmark.
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