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Genius is a famous Taiwanese brand of computer peripherals manufacturer, established in 1983. The company created its first computer mouse in 1985 and since that it expanded and became one of the world’s leading companies.

Meaning and history

Genius logo

The Genius logo is one of the most recognizable in the computer industry. Through the years of the brand’s history it became a real visual identity design legend.

The logo is composed of a wordmark and a famous Genius emblem.

Logo Genius

The emblem

The Genius emblem is a “mouse arrow” in red, with a black dot above it, which makes it look like an abstract moving person silhouette.

The dot is taken from the “i” of the wordmark, while the arrow is a symbol of the brand’s most popular product, a computer mouse.

The moving arrow-human of the Genius logo symbolizes progress, energy and innovation. It looks friendly and funny but at the same time shows the brand’s principles and values.

Logo1 Genius

Color and font

The bright emblem of the logo is balanced by a bold and classic italicized serif sans font of the wordmark. It is elegant and sleek.

The black color of the lettering adds sophistication and confidence to the logo, while the red of the emblem evokes a sense of warmth and positive energy.

The red and black color combination reflects the brand’s strength and authority, it’s expertise and professionalism.