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Delta Air Lines Logo
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Delta Air Lines have gone through more than 20 different logotypes since they were founded in 1928. Many of the logos had one element in common: the triangle shape inspired by the name of the company (the Greek letter “Delta” is just a triangle) and the shape of a jet flying overhead.

Meaning and History logo

Delta Air Lines Logo history

The earliest Delta logo, which was adopted in 1929, sported the Roman god Mercury inside the iconic triangle shape. Three years later, the company switched to the Norse god of thunder, Thor.

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Symbol Delta Air Lines

In 1934, the era of winged triangles started. The first logo in this line featured a red winged triangle encircled with the words “Delta Air Lines” inside a blue frame. In 1945, the first flying “D” logo appeared. Throughout the following 15 years two more flying “D” logotypes were designed.


Emblem Delta Air Lines

The first jet “widget” logo was developed in 1959. The idea was introduced by the company’s senior vice president Richard Maurer four years earlier. He noticed that the Greek letter “Delta” reminds the shape of new jets. Over the following half a century, the airline experimented with “widget” logos until in 2007 it eventually adopted a logotype comprising a 3D red widget with a minimalistic blue wordmark next to it.


Font Delta Air Lines Logo

The simple sans serif all-cap type called Whitney provides excellent legibility even at greater distances, which is perfect for the airline service.


Color Delta Air Lines Logo

Blue is used as the color of the sky. It is not only because the company’s planes fly in the sky, but also because the sky symbolizes the pinnacle of professional achievement. Red is the color of the flame, as well as the symbol of leadership.

Delta Air Lines logo