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While the logo of the US footwear brand Etnies is somewhat cluttered, it definitely has a unique and recognizable style.

Meaning and history

Etnies Logo history

Etnies has been known among the first global skate and alternative sports brands. The history of the company started in 1986. It was established by Pierre André Sénizergues, who was a professional skater before he started his business. The brand is based in Lake Forest, California. It belongs to Sole Technology, Inc.

Etnies Emblem

Before 1986

Etnies Logo old


If you take a look at older products, you will probably come across a version of the logo featuring a roundel. Inside the thick black ring, there is the familiar arrow. The arrow is black, while the filling inside the ring is white. The arrow seems to look exactly the same in the current Etnies logo. The name of the brand can be seen below. Its style is also the same.

What makes the two designs different, apart from the ring, is the casual black “stains” or “scrapes” in the background. On the whole, the current version is definitely sleeker. Its predecessor looks somewhat cluttered in comparison with it.

1986 – Today

Etnies Logo

Simple yet stylish, the current Etnies logo is made up of an arrow and the name of the brand. The arrow looks distinctive due to the two additional short bars placed above and below. Next to the arrow, the word “Etnies” is given in an unusual lowercase type. Most of the glyphs feature white gaps. The tail of the “t” is cut. The white gaps on the letters create a sort of visual rhyme with the arrow, although the gaps here are much thinner than the spaces inside the arrow design.