Amazon Logo

amazon logo
Amazon has made a leap from a hole-in-the-wall bookstore to a major online retailer with a worldwide clientele. The company has done so well pretty much thanks to its attractive logo.

Logo meaning

amazon logo meaning

Amazon’s current logo conveys the company’s determination and eagerness to stick to its proper course and open new horizons in business. The “and you are done” phrase leaves no alternative but to follow through and succeed. Likewise, it leaves no choice for clients but to buy a good thing and feel satisfied.

Logo history

Amazon logo history
Since the company’s inception, it has had four logo versions. The first one featured a translucent “A” on a soothing water background, under which “, the Earth’s biggest bookstore” was written. The next logo was introduced in 1998. It had a simpler design: “” on a white background with a yellow underline, and “books, music & more” above. By the time, the company began to sell music. In 2000, the group did another modification: the list of products was removed, and a yellow arrow pointing from A to Z was added. The company’s current logo has been around since 2002.


amazon symbol
The Amazon logo just speaks for itself, as it is extremely recognizable and conspicuous. The company’s web address directly appeals to potential buyers to visit the website and choose products right now.

Shape and colors

colors amazon logo

The current Amazon logo borrows a large part from the previous one, as it features the web address and the yellow arrow. It points from A to Z – the first and the last letters of the alphabet to symbolize its intention to sell all sorts of products on Earth. The words “and you are done” demonstrate the company’s readiness to help a customer solve all sorts of problems. The arrow denotes customer satisfaction, and the black font expresses excellence and elegance.