Toshiba Logo

Toshiba LogoThe company’s first logo, which was adopted in 1893, reflected its connection to Mitsui Bank. Ten years later, as the company was renamed from Tanaka Seizo-sho to Shibaura Seisaku-sho, it introduced another emblem featuring the character for “Shiba”.

Meaning and History logo

Toshiba Logo history

As the manufacturer was growing, its logotype went through a sequence of changes until in 1950 the first wordmark logo was adopted.


Font Toshiba Logo
The original Toshiba wordmark sported a beautiful italic script, yet later the company switched to a simpler, easy-to-read design.


Color Toshiba Logo
Since 2002, the main color of the Toshiba logo has been red. Below the red wordmark, the “Leading Innovation” tagline is given in black.

Script symbol

One of the most known old Toshiba symbols is a black script logo. Here, the name of the company is given in a cursive font resembling handwriting. The most recognizable of all the letters is the initial “T.” Its upper bar, which is actually more of a curve here, stretches to the right and covers half of the word.