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Whatever changes Subway logo has gone through, it has always retained its distinctive feature: the arrows at the ends of the letters “S” and “Y”.

Meaning and history

Subway logo history

The first restaurant of the chain opened in 1965 and was called “Pete’s Super Submarines”, in honor of one of the co-founders, Peter Buck. Buck, together with the other co-founder, Fred DeLuca, opened their third shop shortly after, and this time they called it “Pete’s Subway”. It was then that the wordmark “Subway” adopted the arrows that would become its most distinctive element.
From 1968 to 2002 the company used quite a few versions of the logo. All of them featured the arrows at the ends of the first and the last letters, as well as a “curvy” “W” character. Also, in most cases, the wordmark was given inside and oval shape. The color of the oval could vary (black, green), while the letters themselves stayed white (“sub”) and yellow (“way”). In 1996-2001 the version without an oval shape was often used in advertisements. In this case, the letters had a thin black outline.

2002–2016 symbol

symbol Subway
In 2002 the logo was given a facelift. As a result of it, the symbol acquired a more dynamic look. The oval shape was removed, the curvy “W” and “A” were replaced by the letters with sharp angles, all the characters were italicized. The wordmark was accompanied by the “Eat Fresh” slogan. The color scheme included white and yellow for the name of the company and green for the outline and the slogan. In 2015 the color scheme was simplified: now, it included only a lighter shade of green.

2017 emblem

emblem Subway
The current version of the Subway emblem is closer to the designs used before 2002. Back are the curvy “W” and “A”; letters are not italicized any more. On the whole, the emblem has a more static, solid look.
In addition to the wordmark, the restaurant chain developed an icon consisting of two arrows, yellow and green. Here, no letters are used.


Font Subway Logo
Since 1965, numerous amendments have been made to the shape and proportions of the letters. In addition to “Y” and “S”, one of the most characteristic letters in the wordmark is “W”. For most of the company’s history, the letter had somewhat unusual curvy lines. The sharp angled version was in use from 2002 to 2017.


Color Subway Logo
The Subway logo, in its current appearance, is a combination of yellow and green. Although the colors are rather vivid, we cannot say that they are excessively bright or intrusive.