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Diadora is n Italian brand is sportswear and accessories, which was launched in 1948 by Marcello Danieli. The company is famous for its sneakers, which are loved by many celebrities. Brand is well-known worldwide and has its subsidiaries on all the continents. 

Meaning and history 

Diadora Logo

The brand’s name is translated from Greek as “sharing gifts”, which reflects the brand’s philosophy of giving their customers the best possible designs and the highest quality. 

The Diadora logo is composed of a graphical representation of the brand’s name. It is a unique and uncommon style of lettering with a small brand’s emblem above the letter “O”. 

The Diadora nameplate is written in all the lover case letters and features an interesting typeface, with thin contour lines and filled spaces inside the letters. It looks like the logo consists of five solid black circles with straight fine lines coming out of them. 

The Diadora emblem is a geometrically styled V-like bird’s silhouette, which reflects the brand’s free spirit and moving forward. 

The Diadora logo is instantly recognizable, it shows the brand’s expertise in design, its creativity and rich heritage.