Carrefour Logo

Carrefour Logo
Carrefour is a brand of a French hypermarket chain, which was established in 1958. Today the company has more than ten thousand retail stores mainly across Europe and is one of the most famous shopping destinations.

Meaning and history

Carrefour Logo history

The name of the company, Carrefour, is not a made-up word and is translated from French as “crossroads”. And the company’s visual identity is a good reflection of the name’s essence.
The Carrefour logo is assembled of a wordmark and an emblem on its right. The wordmark is executed in a sleek and bold typeface, which is close to ITC American Typewriter and Arbutus Slab fonts.
The Carrefour insignia is a stylized picture of two arrows, which is a graphical explanation of the brand’s name. The arrows are pointing at different sides and vary in their style and shapes. The left arrow is red and features fine lines, while the blue arrow pointing right is massive and ornate with the curved lines and a solid arrowhead.
Emblem Carrefour
The blue and red color palette of the logo, positioned on a white background, is, first of all, a tribute to France and its national tricolor.
The blue, white and red combination is a symbol of professionalism, loyalty, and passion of one of the largest retailing company in the world.