Most Famous Logos with a Flower

Most famous logos with a flowerThe flower is one of the universally recognized symbols of femininity and beauty. Indeed, in most cases, this symbol is portrayed as very elegant and delicate. Flowers can often be seen on the logo of cosmetic brands or products for women. However, there are also other cases where an abstract bright flower can look strong, progressive, and resilient. Today we will look at the most popular logos that feature the image of a flower, and we can see how multifaceted and multivalent this symbol can be.

Guns N’ Roses

Logo Guns-N-RosesOf course, flowers can also be seen on the logo of the iconic rock band, Guns’N’Roses, and, of course, these flowers are roses. Placed under two guns, set back-to-back, the roses, drawn in red, look very realistic. The whole composition is drawn on a gradient silver background and enclosed into a thick yellow circular form with the name of the band written around its perimeter in elegant serif capitals, in black.

Blossom Blast Saga

Logo BlossomBlastSagaJust by reading the name of this mobile game, you can guess, that it is all about flowers, so the logo of BlossomBlastSaga also contains this symbol, and not just once. The two purple flowers replace the two letters “O” in the first part of the game’s name. With dark yellow centers, the flowers look very bright, surrounded by the cursive pink lettering, and accompanied by a small green element at the bottom of the badge.


Logo NaturellaNaturella is the brand, which uses a camomile extract in all of its products, hence the abstract depiction of the flower gets the main part of the logo of the label. If the previous versions of the badge were executed in light green and yellow color palette, the latest one uses gradient yellow-to-white for the petals, outlined in thin black and set on a transparent background, The emblem is complemented by a bold black-and-white logotype in a smooth outlined cursive.


Logo PondsOne of the oldest cosmetic brands in America, Pond’s, follows the traditions set by its colleagues and uses an elegant flower emblem in its visual identity. Unlike some other brands with roses, Pond uses an image of a tulip in its logo. The stylized black flower, composed of three solid elements, is enclosed into a sophisticated oval frame and placed on the left of the uppercase inscription. The lettering is also executed in a very elegant and classy style, with the ends of the lines diagonal and softened.

Fiesta Bowl

Logo Fiesta BowlAnother collegiate football bowl, that uses the flower symbol in its emblem is Fiesta Bowl. This championship is held annually since 1971 and has always had the orange and red flower on its logo. The symbol here resembles the sun, and the flame, making up a nice abstract image of a phoenix bird. This makes sense, as the bowl is held in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Arizona. On the latest version of the logo, the flower is drawn over a solid blue circle at the bottom of the badge.

Tulip Computers

Logo Tulip ComputersThe former manufacturer of computers, Tulip, ceased all operations in 2009, but its logo is still pretty well-recognized all over the globe. Of course, the visual identity of the computer brand was based on an image of a tulip flower. It was set in solid red, with black leaves under it, and replaced the letter “I” in the “Tulip” part of the black lettering on the badge.


Logo BluebandFrom two we go to four. As this is exactly how many flowers you can see on the logo of Blueband, a brand of margarines, owned by Unilever. The company was established in the Netherlands, but today is known in almost 70 countries across the globe, and its badge, with four flowers in different colors, coming out of the bold blue lettering, is widely recognizable. Each flower of the BlueBand logo is different — one in thin and purple, another in bold and yellow, and the smallest one are set in gradient orange, and white the last in the line looks like a sunflower, but uses red shades.

Queensland Government

Logo Queensland GovernmentThe flowers on the heraldic badge of the Queensland Government are more ornamental than real. Executed in the green and yellow color palette, they are set on the upper part of the logo, surrounding a massive blue cross, placed above the traditional crest, separated into four fragments. The badge has a lot of details and colors in it, so the calm and modest flowers only balance the composition, making it more stable.


Logo FTDFTD is probably, one of the world’s oldest flower delivery services. It was established in the United States in 1910, and its current name is an abbreviation for Florists’ Telegraph Delivery, a service, which has been helping people send bouquets over the telegraph. The logo of the company is very cool and elegant — with the Greek god Hermes Russian to the right and holding flowers in his hand. More than a literate depiction of the company’s purpose, but is perfectly executed.


Logo Rose'sThe visual identity of the concentrated lime juice brand, owned by Keurig Dr. Pepper, has a nice and fresh image of two limes, placed between five green leaves and three delicate blue flowers. The graphical part of the badge is set under a massive white “Rose’s” lettering written in the uppercase of an elegant serif typeface. The yellow Caremark is written on the sides of the plant image, balancing the yellow shadow of the inscription.

Golden Tulip

Logo Golden TulipGolden Tulip s an international chain of hotels, with the tulip in its name and its logo. As comes from the company’s name, the tulip on its insignia is executed in gold and placed over the two-leveled lettering, set in a deep and calm shade of blue. The flower is formed by five solid gold fragments with clean contours, and looks very stylish and minimalistic, although does not lack elegance and class.

Flowers of Columbia

Logo Flowers of ColombiaFlowers of Colombia is an online platform, inspired by the plants, growing in Colombia. And, of course, its logo is fully based on the idea of the company and its name. The bright emblem of the website features a stylized bouquet of their frolics in different shoes and colors — orange, pink and purple, and is supported by smooth purple lettering in a bold rounded sans-serif typeface. The logo looks very balanced and eye-catching.


Logo AdidasThe iconic emblem of Adidas is not always seen as a flower, although it is. The trefoil image with three horizontal white stripes at its base has grown into something bigger than just a flower, standing for excellence and professionalism. There is much more behind this logo than it might seem. The three petals of the Adidas trefoil stand for the three parts of the world — America, Europe, and Asia, the main markets for the brand.

Hilton Garden Inn

Logo Hilton Garden InnOne of the subdivisions of Hilton, an international hotel chain, has a pretty modest yet bright emblem with a flower on it too. It is a white contoured flower with four diagonally oriented petals, drawn over a solid red square background in the left part of the logo. The emblem is complemented by a three-leveled “Hilton Garden Inn” lettering in bold blue serif letters. This logo can not be called unique, but the flower here is pretty memorable, with straight lines and solid dots on its petals.


Logo HuaweiThe stylish abstract logo of the Chinese company Huawei is also a flower. This gradient red composition of eight smooth petals represents a chrysanthemum flower, one of the most popular plants in the region, which is also known as a flower of Asia. Although on the Huawei badge it also looks like a feathery tail of a magical bird. This flower definitely stands out on the list, representing a very professional and exquisite vision of the theme.


Logo TulipAnother brand, which has tulips on its logo is Tulip. Three red flowers are abstractly drawn on a solid blue circle in the left part of the logo, over two red ribbons, placed diagonally. The emblem is followed by a stable and heavy blue uppercase logotype in a softened serif typeface. The badge looks very balanced and bright, evoking a sense of professionalism and quality.


Logo 4chanThe visual identity of an anonymous website, created for picture sharing, is based on a flower symbol, composed of four green leaves, featuring the shape of a heart. At the first sight, the emblem might look like a shamrock, and probably, that was one of the ideas behind this badge. The four green petals are placed at a pretty large distance from each other and set on the left of the simple sans-serif logotype in burgundy-brown.

Blackburn Rovers

Logo Blackburn RoversA professional football club from great Britain, Blackburn Rovers, has a flower on its logo, and it takes the central part in the composition. The red rose, placed on a white background in the center of a rounded medallion with a sky-blue framing, is the brightest element of the badge. It evokes a sense of excellence and expertise, making the visual identity of the team very not typical for football. The Blackburn Rovers logo is accompanied by a rectangular banner with the club’s motto, “Arte et Labore”, which means “By Skill and Hard Work”.

Google Tulip

Logo Google TulipOne more tulip, but in a completely different style can be found in the logo of Google Tulip, the software, created for the agricultural sector. The flower here is set in the corporate Google color palette, composed of red, blue, green, and yellow, with each part of a stylized geometric flower in its color. Drawn with no additional lettering, the Google Tulip logo looks super modern and delightful.


Logo Chupa-ChupsAnother iconic logo is our today’s list is the insignia of Chupa-Chups, designed by the legendary artist, Salvador Dali. This logo was created in 1969 and has never been changed since then. The bright yellow daisy in a triple colourful outline has become a symbol of lollypops all over the globe. It was also the idea of a genius artist to place the flower image on top of the candy so that when they are wrapped, the daisy can barely be seen.

CoCo Flower

Logo CoCo FlowerFamiliar with all the anime connoisseurs, CoCo Flower is the natural brand, loved by one of the popular manga characters, Fuwari Midorikaze. The logo of this brand is very bright and colorful, with the bold white lettering in a custom smooth font, outlined in brown and placed on a free half-circle with a delightful pattern full of different flowers. Here you can see all shades and shapes, some look pretty realistic, others — abstract, but together they created a very 1960s hippy feeling.

Cyber Florist

Logo Cyber FloristThe online platform for flowers and gift delivery, Cyber Florist, also uses a flower symbol in its logo, which is more than expectable. Although, you could have been waiting for much more floristic elements in the badge of the company, which is specialized in it. The pink stylized flower here replaces the letter “O” in the green “Florist” inscription, balancing the pink color of the uppercase “Cyber”, written on the top part of the logo.


Logo TassimoThe famous brand of coffee products, Tassimo, has its flower bright and abstract Composed of six semi-transparent petals in different colors, the flower is placed on the left from the black uppercase logotype in a softened sans-serif typeface with clean contours. Each of the overlapping petals in the Tassimo emblem has its color, and the areas of overlapping — enhance the palette, adding darker shades.

Flower City Union

Logo Flower City UnionFlower City Union is a professional football team from New York, which was established in 2021. As is expected, from the name of the club, its visual identity is based on the drawing of a flower. It s placed in the center of the circular badge, executed in a purple color palette, with a light background, and darker graphical part, surrounded by the uppercase logotype in a square sans-serif font.


Logo 4HAnother shamrock-like flower can be found on the logo of 4H, an American network of youth organizations. Here the green petals are bold and smooth, merging into one element. Each of the four petals has a white capital “H” on it. The four letters H in the 4H concept stand for “Head, Heart, Hands, and Health”. The central part of this stylized flower is taken by a white vertically oriented maple leaf.


Logo BPBP, or British Petroleum, the company, which has its gas stations all over the globe, uses a cool geometric flower for its visual identity. Looking more like a mandala with sharpened petals, the BP flower is set in white, yellow, and two shades of grey, which go in this order from the center to the borders of the image. The middle part of the logo looks like the sun, spreading its rays of light and energy to everything around. Although, it’s hard to agree, that the symbol depicted here is a flower.


Logo LancomeAnother cosmetic brand On our list is Lancome, one of the most well-known French companies, which has been helping women look better for many decades by now. The logo of Lancome is composed of an elegant uppercase inscription in a timeless serif typeface, accompanied by a solid black circle with a white rode, drawn on it vertically. When engraved on the products’ packaging, both the inscription and the emblem can be executed in gold.

Camellia Bowl

Logo Camellia BowlThe visual identity of the American college football bowl contains graphical references to its name, Camellia Bowl. Two stylized red camellia flowers are placed on the sides from the “Camellia” part of the blue lettering, set in three lines on the logo of the NCAA competition. Apart from the sponsor’s logotype, the whole badge of the bowl is set in a beautiful blue and red color palette, which looks very soft and elegant, even though, it is a badge of a football league.


Logo FiorentinaThe visual identity of the Italian football club Fiorentina has a more heraldic and classic flower image on its primary logo. The club has a very long history, and to celebrate its heritage, they place a traditional fleur-de-lys symbol in solid red on a white rhombus, which takes the largest part of its logo. The red color of the flower is supported by the red “F”, standing for the name of the club, and placed at the very bottom of the logo, on a solid blue background.


Logo ZarinaZarina is the name of a Russian fashion brand, which offers clothing and accessories for women at affordable prices. The logo of the company is composed of an elegant cursive logotype in black, followed by an abstract contoured flower, in the same color palette. The flower is formed by four rounded petals. Which are connected in the center in a very specific way, creating two small barely visible loops.


Logo KenticoKentico is a software company, which chose for its visual identity the design concept, distinguishing it from its competitors. The IT brands usually set their logos in a blue color palette, with some geometric elements, of abstracts emblems, while Kentico has its logo in bright orange, with a flower-like graphical element, which also looks like a stylized sun. The emblem is supported by a fancy title case logotype in a custom typeface with curved lines of the letters.


Logo UnileverUnilever is a group of companies, which owns dozens of various brands, and this is brilliantly shown in its visual identity. The enlarged letter “U” is composed of many small blue elements, set on a white background. Of course, a significant part of these elements is flowers. Different sales and styles, reflect the diversity of the products, manufactured and distributed by the company. The graphical part is supported by blue cursive lettering in a custom typeface.


Logo CarlsonCarlson Rezidor, an international hotel group, has an abstract geometric flower on the top of its logo. The flower here replaces a regular crown, which usually stands for quality and excellence. The Carlson flower is composed of an X-like element in the middle, formed by four diagonal petals in red, and surrounded by four solid yellow circles. It looks very modern and interesting due to its unusual composition, and a bright color palette.

Hawaiian Airlines

Logo Hawaiian AirlinesThe visual identity of the air curie from Hawaii contains a graphical representation of the national flower of Hawaii, the hibiscus. It is drawn in solid red in the hair of a woman, depicted on the fuchsia, white and purple emblem, placed on the left from the two-leveled purple lettering with the name of the company. In some versions of the logo, the hibiscus flower can be seen in softer shades, from calm orange to peach shade.


Logo InvisalignThe visual identity of Invisalign, an orthodontic treatment, also has a stylized flower in it. Although here it looks more like a snowflake due to its cold gradient-blue color palette and distinctive contours of eight petals with their ends pointed. Due to an interesting use of the gradient blue shades, the flat emblem of the brand looks like it’s shining from its middle, and this really works cool and is unique.

China Southern

Logo China SouthernAnother Asian air carrier, China Southern, uses a flower as the main part of its visual identity. In this case, it is red kapok, outlined in white and placed on a blue geometric element, standing for the tail of the plane. The kapok is the city flower of Guangzhou, the Chinese city, where the airline is headquartered. This flower can be seen literally everywhere in Guangzhou in February and early March.


Logo BaborThe elegant vertically oriented black rose has been a part of the Babor visual identity since the company’s first days. Put there by the brand’s founder, the rose was meant to symbolize excellence and preciousness. Also, here the flower stands for its original meaning — femininity, as the cosmetic products of the brand are created mostly for women and fr their beauty. The Babor rose is beautifully inscribed into the bold uppercase logotype, crossing the last letter of the wordmark, the “O”.


Logo LenorThe flower on the logo of Lenor, a well-known laundry conditioner, looks different from other flowers. It is light, airy, and very modern, drawn in clean dark-blue lines over a white background, The lines feature different thicknesses, and create a kind of a swirl, curving into the inter, The emblem is supported by a title case logotype, set in the same color, with the lines of the letters also slightly elongated and elegantly curved.


Logo BraccialiniThe Italian footwear brand Braccialini is known for creating very elegant shoes for women, and this is what the brand wanted to show with its emblem. A very tender white contoured rose, drawn on a solid red square in the left part of the brand’s logo, creates a strong color accent and makes the lightweight lowercase logotype more stable and strong. The white rose on red is all about the Braccialini essence — making women/s outfits more beautiful, and their confidence higher.

Holiday Bowl

Logo Holiday BowlOne more intercollegiate football bowl game in the USA uses flowers in its emblem, and this is the Holiday Bowl. As a post-season game, Holiday Bowl has its logo executed in a very “winter” blue and white color palette, and the three flowers, drawn at the bottom of the badge in red and white, are poinsettias, which are also known as Christmas Roses, or Christmas Stars. The flowers have their petals triangular and sharp, which makes the whole badge more balanced.

Rose Bowl

Logo Rose BowlThe visual identity of the Rose Bowl, the annual intercollegiate football game, played in the United States, is nothing but a graphical representation of the bowl’s name. The bright red rose with white outlines and green leaves at the bottom is drawn in the center of the logo, under the arched uppercase lettering in black. The inscription is set in a very elegant typeface with sharp serifs on the end of the lines, resembling the rose’s spikes.


Logo PetroChinaA large player in the world’s oil and gas market, PetroChina, has a bold abstract flower in its logo too. It is visually divided into two pats — the gradient yellow topple, with some sharp white rays coming from the center, and the solid red bottom, with no additional elements. The flower looks solid and confident, showing the “energy”. The specialization of the company, and its attention to people with the warm colors and smooth shape of the badge.

China Airlines

Logo China AirlinesThe logo of China Airlines has a large and elegant image of a plum blossom flower, the national flower of the Republic of China, set on the left from its blue uppercase wordmark. The company also places this beautiful symbol on the tails of its planes, making them stand out from all the possible designs, and creating a sense of safety and caress. The flower here is executed in soft pink gradients, with some small darker details.


Logo ICQThe visual identity of one of the first online messengers, ICQ, has been based on the image of a flower since the very first day. We all remember a naive daisy with seven green and one red petal, and a yellow center, outlined in bold black. The current version of the ICQ badge is more laconic, but not less bright. Today it is the five green petals placed at a slight distance from each other on a solid black circle. The petals are different in size, but not the shape, which makes the badge very playful and unique.

Home Instead Senior Care

Logo Home Instead Senior CareBe more logo with a tulip from our list is the badge of the Home Instead Senior scare organization. The badge, executed in dark purple, is set in four lines, with the first two taken by the enlarged “Home Instead” in a classic serif typeface, the third — by the solid purple banner in a shape of a horizontally stretched rectangle, with the white uppercase “Senior Care” in an elegant sans-serif, and the fourth has a smooth and thin cursive “To is, its personal” motto of the company. The flower symbol here is a part of the lettering. The capital “I” in the “Instead” replaces the stem of the tulip, with the flower drawn above it, and two small drop-like leaves on the sides.


Logo TheMomsCoThe brand focused on products for moms and babies, TheMomsCo, has a very tender yet confident logo with a solid blue circular medallion as the bright spot, the cursive lowercase inscription in three lines set in its middle, and different small images drawn in thin white lines surrounding the logotype. One of the symbols, depicted on the badge, is a flower. It is drawn very schematically, in medium-thick lines, with some flowers set alone, and others — on curly stems. The flowers add tenderness to the badge and evoke a sense of love and caress.


Logo GrünenThe visual identity of The Greens political party from Germany, known as the Grünen, has a flower as the main element of its visual identity. It is a bright yellow sunflower, drawn on the right from the bold green italicized lettering with a blue outline, and having its center set in white, instead of black. The element also plays the role of the Sun here, adding warmth and brightness to the badge, and creating a very smooth and kind feeling, showing the party as the one that cares.

Lotus Flower Logo

Lotus Flower Logo


Logo BJPThe flower symbol can be found not only on the cosmetic and fashion brand logos but also on the badges of political parties. For example, the Bharatiya Janata Party from India uses an image of an orange lotus for its insignia. The depicted flower has a historical meaning here — for the party, that was the first-ever graphical symbol to be used as a protest against British rule.

New South Wales Waratahs

Logo New South Wales WaratahsA professional rugby team from Australia, New South Wales Waratahs, has its unique flower emblem as the part of the primary logo. Resembling an opened artichoke, the flower on this badge is executed in dark red, with blue unlined, and a vertically located rugby ball in the center, which is being a part of the flower, its most precious detail. The emblem is balanced by a solid and heavy sans-serif lettering in the same shade of blue, as the outlines of the flower.

Warframe Logo

Logo Warframe

Warframe is a popular third-person shooter online game, which has a stylish and sharp image of a lotus flower as the main part of its visual identity. The flower here is executed in a dark shade of sea-blue color and set against a white background, being accompanied by an extra-bold serif lettering in black, with the horizontal bars of both “A”s removed, and the ends of the letters overlapping each other. The flower is composed of three petals, each of them is formed by arched sleek lines with sharpened top parts, looking elegant and strong at the same time.

Farmers Insurance Logo

Logo Farmers Insurance Group

Farmers Insurance is a large insurance company from the United States, which was established at the end of the 1920s and today operates all over the country, with its logo familiar to every American citizen. The badge of the company is composed of a solid blue half-circle with a stylized geometric image of a lotus drawn over it in white, and decorated by a solid triangular crest in two shades of red. The emblem is accompanied by a two-leveled inscription, with the top line set in large blue capitals of a clean geometric sans-serif typeface, and the bottom one features a smaller size of the letters, and. Bright red color.

IDBI Bank Logo

Logo IDBI Bank

IDBI Bank is an Indian financial institution, which also has a flower image on its primary badge. The lotus here is drawn in sleek orange lines over a white roundel in the left part of the banner. The IDBI banner is a horizontally stretched narrow rectangle in solid green, with white elegant lettering on it. The bold uppercase inscription has its first part set in large size, with the “Bank” also written in the uppercase of the same font, but in a smaller size. The orange lotus flower is the main color accent in this badge, which represents the responsibility of the bank and its value to the customers’ comfort.

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