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Die Grünen is the name of a European political party, which was established in Germany in the middle of the 1980s. The name of the party is translated from German as “The Green”, which points to its focus on ecology and environmental protection.

Meaning and history

Today Die Grünen party is represented in many state governments and its popularity in the country is growing, but a few decades later it was a very doubtful power, which hadn’t been taken seriously. In the early 1980s, Die Grünen consisted of peace activists and opponents of nuclear power, feminists, Christians and communists, conservatives and anarchists — literally everyone, who didn’t have his political “home”.

What all the members of the party had in common was a desire to do many things radically differently, and so their story began with a protest. At the party congress in Karlsruhe in January 1980, Die Grünen declared themselves a federal party.

Shortly after the unification of Germany in 1993, Die Grünen was joined by the Union 90 party, an alliance of civil initiatives and opposition groups from the GDR, which had emerged after the peaceful revolution of 1989 and merged into a separate party in 1991.

From 1998 to 2005, the Alliance 90/Greens, together with the German Social Democrats, constituted the governing coalition in Germany.

Today, the Greens are in power in 10 of the 16 federal states, and in Baden-Württemberg Winfried Kretschmann became the first Green Prime Minister. The Greens have been doing remarkably well lately —during a couple of years, the number of party members has grown by 20 to 95 thousand.

In the European Parliament elections last May, the Alliance 90/The Greens were able to double its result compared to last year and received over twenty percent of the vote. According to political analysts, the Greens are often joined by other parties, such as the ruling CDU and SPD parties, as well as disillusioned representatives of the Free Liberals and the Left Party.

What is Die Grunen?
Die Grünen is the European political party, established in Germany, and focused on environmental and climate problems. The name of the party is translated from German as “The Greens”. Today Die Grünen is in power in most of the federal states in its country.

As for the visual identity, the green political party from Germany has a bright yet simple logo, based mainly on juicy colors. Composed of a two-leveled inscription with a cool floral emblem, the Die Grünen badge is set in green, yellow, and blue.

1993 — Today

The logo of The Greens, a German political party, focused on the climate and environmental issues, looks pretty modest, yet delightful and friendly. It is formed by a bold uppercase logotype in an italicized sans-serif typeface with its green letters slightly narrowed, a bright yellow emblem, depicting a sunflower without its central part, set on the right from the inscription, and a thick light-blue underline.

Font and color

Grünen Logo Symbol

The solid and stable lettering from the Die Grünen logo is set in a modern sans-serif typeface, with straight cuts and clean contours of its uppercase letters. The font, used in this badge is pretty similar to Futura Pro Extra Bold Condensed Oblique.

As for the color palette of the party’s badge, it is composed of green, yellow, and light blue, the shades, that stand for the trees, the sun, and the sky respectively. This vivid and delightful combination makes the logo of Die Grünen look very friendly and kind, and distinguishes the party from all others.