China Airlines Logo

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China Airlines is the national carrier of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and one of its two largest airlines. Unlike the majority of modern brand logos, the China Airlines logo has been growing not simpler but more complicated with time.

China Airlines Logo history


China Airlines Logo 1959

The original design was dominated by the lettering “CAL” in dark blue. The letters also formed a stylized plane, the “C” being its front end and the “L” being its tail.
Even despite the serifs, the design looked rather laconic for its era.


China Airlines Logo 1977

The design team decided to load the emblem with a flower. It was placed next to the tail of the plane. Also, a large dark blue circle was added in the background, while the company name grew white.


China Airlines Logo 1995

This time, the design became even more complicated as the flower was colored in multiple shades of pink and red. It now looked soft and beautiful, although we cannot say that the image fitted modern minimalist design trends.
The company name was given in an italicized type. There was also a horizontal line in light blue below.


China Airlines logo

While the light blue line has disappeared, the China Airlines logo has not grown much simpler. The flower is still there, although it is now placed to the left of the company name. The italics have been straightened. Also, all the letters are now of the same height, while on the previous version, the initial was capitalized.