Guns N’ Roses Logo

Guns N’ Roses Logo

Created in 1985, Guns N’ Roses became incredibly popular in 1987, when its debut album appeared. However, after 1993 the band’s popularity decreased, as its members Slash and McKagan left. In 2016 both of them rejoined the band, starting a new era in its history.

Guns N’ Roses Logo Meaning and history

Gun -N’Roses Logo history
The band used a few alternative logos over the years. The very first symbol, with two roses, is also the one that the band currently uses. The stylized guns, which were the center of the first version, remained in all the subsequent emblems. The name of the band, written over the yellow background, reminds of the fact that Guns N’ Roses was formed from two bands: L. A. Guns and Hollywood Roses. Being a soft counterpoint to the guns, the roses emphasize the extreme emotions characteristic to the music played by the band.

Guns N’ Roses original symbol

Guns N’ Roses original symbol

In its early years the band used the so-called bullet logo. It features two opposite-facing revolvers girdled by a rose stem with thorns. There are also two red roses with dew drops on their petals. This is a creation of one of the Guns N’ Roses members, Steven. Reportedly, the inspiration behind this image was a picture of a classic revolver.

Guns N’ Roses emblem: the skull version

Guns N’ Roses emblem

One of the two most well-known Guns N’ Roses logo versions represents a pair of revolvers with a human skull. There’s also a rose. This is a very well-known version, which can be seen on Guns N’ Roses t-shirts. According to some sources, this logo was hand drawn by the band’s member Slash. And yet, Axl Rose claimed that this was untrue, and actually the author of the emblem is the tattoo artist Bill White.

Colors of the Guns N’ Roses Logo

Color Guns N’ Roses Logo

The bright and clear red color is paired with yellow and black, as well as shades of grey, creating an appealing and emotional combination.

Font of the Guns N’ Roses Logo

Font Guns N’ Roses Logo

Guns N’ Roses logo uses a customized typeface. One can notice significant differences between fonts used in different versions of the emblem.

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