Famous brand logos: the meaning you wouldn’t even think of

A logo is a crucial thing for a company. Famous brand logos are not just marks: they are symbols, with which a company is associated today and is going to be in future. It is the logo that makes a brand recognizable for most people.

As far as you have noticed, famous brands have logos that look very simple and laconic. Designing a logo may seem like an easy game for an ordinary graphic designer. Nothing of the kind!

It takes months for a designer to develop a truly memorable and recognizable logo and bring success to the brand owner.

The simplicity of form and contours masks a high symbolic value and meaning, which many of us have no idea of.

Famous brand logos: their meaning and symbolic value

Please, view logos of some renowned brands and see the symbolic value hidden behind their clear and concise contours.


famous brand logo Hyundai

Among the many famous symbols, the Hyundai logo, a Korean car manufacturer, deserves a special mention.

The Hyundai logo is more than just an ‘H’. It has a much greater symbolic value: it stands for a client and the company’s agent shaking hands. Definitely, the Hyundai logo is a symbol of success and prosperity.


famous brand logo Adidas

The Adidas logo is a shortened version of Adolf Dassler – the name of the man who owns the network of sports stores.

Although the logo has been changed several times upon his requests, it retains the three lines, which symbolize obstacles in race tracks.


famous brand logo Apple

The logo of the world’s top manufacturer of smartphones and computer technologies – the Apple – is truly symbolic, because it occurred spontaneously, as did the name of Steve Jobs’s company.

There is no need to look for a clue, except for the bite on the apple sounding similar to ‘byte’ – a computer-related term. The logo was designed by Rob Yanov.

Sony Vaio

famous brand logo Vaio

Also, our famous brand logo list includes the Sony Vaio logo, which depicts an analogous and digital signal. Interesting, isn’t it?


famous brand logo Amazon

The logo of a famous company – the Amazon – reflects the brand’s philosophy. We want you to smile when you buy something and feel satisfied with every little purchase. We have everything you need.

Baskin Robbins

famous brand logo Baskin Robbins

The ‘31’ confined in the Baskin Robbins logo stands for the 31 ice-cream flavors, which the company was famous for in the very beginning.


famous brand logo Toyota

The logo of a Japanese car manufacturer – Toyota – deserves to be included in the list of logos that have a special symbolic value.

The Toyota logo is commonly believed to depict a cowboy wearing a hat. However, it stands for the eye of a needle and a thread run through it, because Toyota used to produce textile machines.

Another trick is that it consists of elements that form the brand name’s letters.


famous brand logo Continental

The logo of the tire manufacturer – Continental – features a wheel, which is made up of the first letters. Simple yet stylish!

Formula 1

famous brand logo Formula 1

The Formula 1 logo is also exquisite, as the designers brought together three colors and three symbols. The white ‘1’ is the least conspicuous part of it, and the ever-present red lines symbolize speed and drive.


famous brand logo Pinterest

Many Internet users are familiar with this logo too. Pinterest – one of the most popular Internet services – allows you to save whatever pictures you like from all sorts of websites on boards, and its logo carries a puzzle. This is about the tiny pin, which you can see in the logo’s first letter.


famous brand logo Beats

The Beats logo, which has a special meaning, has also hit our famous brand logo rating. The logo represents an audio equipment manufacturer and depicts a person using headphones.


famous brand logo Toblerone

Toblerone, a Swiss chocolate company has included an image of a bear in its logo. It is no secret in Switzerland that Bern is a city of bears!


famous brand logo BMW

The famous brand logo list we are discussing right now also includes the BMW logo. The company used to deal in airplanes. Some believe that the BMW logo features the blades of a spinning propeller, others say it is part of the flag of Bavaria.


famous brand logo LG

LG, a South Korean company, produces electric appliances, and it has chosen a very positive type of logo featuring a smiling man. Representatives of this whale chose the logo to express the brand’s desire to maintain a friendly and positive relationship with every client.


famous brand logo Evernote

This famous brand logo rating includes the logo of Evernote, an application designed for taking and archiving notes. The iconic image of an elephant wanted to emphasize good memory, which elephants are famous for, and an opportunity to always remember everything.


famous brand logo Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola brand also has a beautiful and memorable logo. It features a tiny flag of Denmark in the corner. It may have been a coincidence, but it did work well for the manufacturer when it was holding an ad campaign in Denmark.

These are logos of famous companies, each one bearing its own symbolic value, which you may not have known.

Well, do you know any logos with underlying meanings?