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The Moms Co is an Indian online retailer of maternity and nursery products, which was established in 2012. The company is specialized in the distribution of organic and toxin-free cosmetics and works closely with experts across the globe. Today the e-store only serves clients across India.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the company, providing Moms with the essential organic products, is nice and feminine. Its ornate logo looks tender and elegant, evoking a sense of responsibility and love for Nature.

The blue and white color combination of the logo is a representation of a professional and trustworthy brand, which is reliable and loyal and has its customer in the center of its value system.

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The company-distributor uses plants and flowers for its circular emblem, as a tribute to Nature, and in order to emphasize that their skincare products are based on plant extracts. There are also birds and hearts on the emblem, around the wordmark, which symbolize love and care, the two main words for maternity.


The smooth and elegant wordmark in all the lowercase letters is executed in a bold script typeface, which is very similar to Garden Grow, designed by Cindy Kinash. The font represents softness and delicacy, yet its boldness makes the logo look confident and professional, showing a strong company with traditional values.

The use of the script typeface makes The Moms Co logo eye-catching and memorable and executed in a blue and white color palette the letters look distinct and strong, despite their softness and rounded angles.

TheMomsCo Logo


The company, based in India and serving the customers nationwide, is focused on providing families with natural and toxin-free products for babies. All the skincare items offered on the e-commerce platform are produced based on the plant extracts and other natural ingredients and have all the organic certificates.

The company has huge experts support, and works closely with scientists from all over the globe, in order to create the best and the most effective compositions for pregnant ladies, young moms, and their babies.

The online platform offers flexible delivery rates and secure payment systems, making their best for all the customers to have a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience.