Huawei Logo

Huawei Logo
While the logo of the Chinese company Huawei has been upgraded not less than three times, it has stayed consistent in its core visual metaphor.

Meaning and History logo

Huawei Logo history

Huawei specializes in networking, telecommunications equipment, and services. The story of the company started in 1987, and the original Huawei logo was adopted around that time. The emblem hinted at the meaning of one of the hieroglyphs forming the word “Huawei” in Chinese – it means “flower.” The earliest logo contained some of the elements that have been used on the following versions, too: the multiple petals, the red color, and the upward movement (similarity with the rising sun).

Symbol in 2006-2018

Huawei symbol
By 2006, the brand consultancy Interbrand modified the emblem. The petals grew wider and adopted a sharp angle, while their number grew smaller. A 3D effect was introduced for the first time, while the similarity with the rising sun grew even more perceptible.

The 2018 emblem

Huawei emblem
Another update took place prior to the launch of the P20 and P20 Pro smartphones in the spring of 2018. The shape of the “flower” stayed essentially the same, while the and color were slightly modified.


huawei technologies logo
During the first 30 years of its history, the Huawei logo featured a bright shade of red, which was replaced by a cooler and slightly darker one in 2018.