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Kentico is CMS for content management, which allows creating websites of any difficulty. It was released in 2006 and had its last update in 2018. The software is one of the competitors of Microsoft Azure.

Meaning and history

Kentico Logo history


Old Logo

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New Logo

Kentico logo

Kentico has a bright and recognizable visual identity, which is composed of an emblem and a wordmark in its right. The wordmark is executed in a custom typeface with sleep bold lines and slightly curved rounded edges of the letters. It is soft and smooth, which evokes a friendly and warm feeling.

The Kentico emblem is a graphical representation of the flower with eight petals, replaced by equal rectangles with three corners rounded and one-pointed, it creates a sense of movement and resembles a windmill. The circle inside the flower is a great balance to a dot above the letter “I” in the wordmark.


The color palette of the Kentico logo is bright orange and white. The company experimented with colors, using orange and blue for quite a long period of time, but the last logo redesign simplified it and the logo became brighter and more confident.

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