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Every logo sends out a particular message. Our database will help you gain a better understanding of such messages. It turns out that almost every line – its length, width, and color – plays an important part. You may also want to learn how to “decipher” a message behind a logo on your own. Here’s a quick guide.

Logo and its shape

Your subconscious mind interprets different lines and shapes in a different way:

  • logos where circles, ovals, and ellipses dominate convey the ideas of love, friendship, relationship, community, endurance. Curves are considered feminine.
  • straight edges (triangles, squares) convey the ideas of stability, balance, strength, efficiency.
  • triangles are also associated with power, religion, and scientific approach. Such lines are considered masculine.
  • vertical lines are viewed as masculine, while horizontal lines conjure up feelings of peace and tranquility.


Choose a logo and take a closer look at it. What emotions, thoughts, and associations does it arouse? Analyze it from the point of view of shapes and colors. What brand personality traits does the image convey, in you view? Have you ever wondered, who and how created famous logos? A simple image becomes a company’s visual identity recognized all around the world.
Now it’s time to find out more about the logo: its history, its meaning. Most companies have an official explanation of their logos, but you can typically find useful commentaries given by designers and researches. This is what you’ll find here. This information will give you an insight on the meanings of many famous logos.