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Copyright Symbol© symbol

The © symbol is the first letter of the word copyright in English. The symbol was first officially introduced into the legal field by the Universal Copyright Convention (Geneva Convention) in 1952 and was originally intended to allow authors to protect their creativity without complicated formalities.

Nowadays the copyright symbol is widely used all over the world and allows to inform the consumers of the content that the work is protected by copyright.

The copyright symbol can be put on any work, but most often it is put on the texts, photos, and drawings. To use it there is no need to have any formalities – every author, wishing to declare that the object of intellectual property belongs to him has this right.

Copyright mark. Meaning


Copyright Symbol

© is a sign of copyright protection. By itself it does not protect anything, it only informs that the IPR in question is an object of copyright. But it is important to understand that, regardless of the value of any result of creativity is protected by the laws of the Russian Federation from the moment of occurrence. And even if there is no copyright symbol on the picture or text, it does not mean that anybody is free to use the work at his discretion.

The copyright mark consists of the following elements:

  • Latin letter C in a circle;
  • The name of the copyright holder;
  • The year of the first publication of the work.

So, what does copyright sign mean: that the given work is an intellectual property of some person or some company/organization (e.g. studio or publishing house).

Copyright Symbol Symple

The © sign is widely used on the Internet:

  • by news publications and electronic magazines to indicate the authorship of individual photographs, news, articles, reviews, etc.;
  • by website developers and marketing agencies for marking their products (web sites), which are the composite results of joint creative work of designers, programmers, content marketers.

Thanks to that information, anyone who liked this or that material can apply directly to its author for permission to copy and reproduce the image or text. And yet the problem of unfair use of content is becoming more and more acute every year, which was the reason for the appearance of the draft of the European Union Copyrights Directive (Copyright Directive on the Common Digital Market), designed to provide additional protection for authors, but which caused many different opinions and disputes.

How to type © on the keyboard

The © sign and the (c) sign are formally identical.
(c) is often put, not knowing how to just type © from the keyboard © is very easy to type from the keyboard – follow the instructions:

  1. Press and hold Alt
  2. On the right (!) side of the keyboard (side numeric keypad) type four digits – 0169
  3. Release the Alt key
  4. The © appears.

How to type © on the keyboard

The copyright sign on the iPhone

Copy the copyright © from here.
Then go to Settings > Basic > Keyboard > Acronyms > press + > and add: Phrase – ©.
Abbreviation – (c) (or make it up yourself)
IMPORTANT: It is necessary to write in “phrase” ©, not in “abbreviation” (c). Do not get confused.