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Mahindra is a brand of Indian utility-car manufacturer, which was founded in 1945 and today is one of the largest in the region companies of its segment, which was ranked in the top 20 of FortuneIndia 500.

Meaning and history

Mahindra Logo history

The company was named after the Indian god, Mahindra, who is considered to be the greatest ruler of the Earth. The choice of the name represents the company is powerful and confident, focused on quality and research and aiming to take the leading positions in the industry.

The Mahindra visual identity history is not very rich, as the brand has only one major logo redesign, held in 2012, but still uses its original emblem alongside the new one, depending on the placement.

1948 – Today

Mahindra Logo 1948

The first Mahindra logo was designed in 3 years after the company’s foundation. It was slightly modified during the years but is still in use today alongside the new visual identity.

The logo is composed of a wordmark with an emblem on its top. The wordmark in classic gray is executed in a custom typeface with rounded lines and playful tails. Bold letters of the nameplate reflect the brand’s strength and stability.

The Mahindra emblem is an oval-shaped figure with a stylized letter “M”, composed of three diagonal lines, on it. It resembles a road and evokes a sense of speed and movement. It is a reflection of the brand’s forward-thinking and teamwork philosophy.

The rounded shape of the emblem celebrates harmony and balance, while the stripes of the “M” show the progressive approach of the brand.

2012 – Today

Mahindra logo

In 2012 Mahindra created a new modern logo, which is composed of a single wordmark. The futuristic typeface features strict descent lines and diagonal cut lines of “I” and “A”.

The red color of the nameplate reflects the passion and energy of the brand, its power, and confidence in everything it does, while the gray of “Rise” fine and delicate lines evokes a sense of professionalism and authority.

The new Mahindra logo is minimalist and strong. With the accent on the bright color, it looks brutal and remarkable. The unique typeface with small details, such as open letters “A” and interesting connections of “D” and “H” lines, makes the logo look modern and stylish.

It is a strong visual identity for the utility-vehicles market, which shows the expertise of the brand and its stability.